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Is Too Much Homework Bad For Your Kid?

From kindergarten to high school, research suggests that some kids are getting too much homework. When students are pushed beyond their limits to handle a workload out of sync with their level of development, it can lead to significant stress – both for children and their parents.

Apr 20, 2018 School Level Education
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Lower the Burden of Perfection From Your Child's Mind

“My child will be a supermodel. My child will be a doctor. My child will be an engineer. My kid will be a scientist one day.”- These are the everyday dialogues of today’s parents. Common! A single human can’t

Mar 20, 2018 School Level Education
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Know Everything About Redshirting

“My kids can learn better if they are a bit older than the recommended age in the school”- Many parents think like this. Especially, moms and dads are of the opinion that older kindergartners can enjoy a more relaxed time on the school premises than the younger ones. That is

Mar 16, 2018 School Level Education
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How Can Christmas be the Best Time to Teach About Contentment to the Kids?

Christmas is all about fun, fairness, and happiness. We all pray that may Christmas fill our heart with joy. It’s not just a season, but it is a feeling. I remember my childhood when all the brothers, sisters and friends mingle together and make our wish to Santa. We never knew th

Jan 03, 2018 School Level Education
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How to Solve Trigonometric Problems Using the Sine Rule

The Sine rule is perfectly suitable for evaluating the different properties of a triangle irrespective of it being scalene, isosceles, or a right-angled triangle. This article will throw light on ways you can use the Sine rule for solving trigonometric and vector problems in higher scho

Dec 14, 2017 School Level Education
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Top Tips on Writing a General Essay [Infographic]

Despite the saying “the pen is mightier than a sword,” the pen itself may not be enough to be an effective writer. Although most of us may all like to think of ourselves as the next modern-era Shakespeare, inspiration alone cannot be the only key to effective writing. You ne

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Interesting Nobel Prize Facts That You May Not Have heard of Yet [Infographic]

In his last will signed on the 27th of November 1985, Alfred Nobel gave away a substantial amount of his fortune to a series of prizes in Medicine, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, and Peace. Thus, the Nobel Prize was born.   In the following infographic, we’ve compiled a list

Nov 22, 2017 School Level Education
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How To Encourage A Child To Pick Up A Hobby For His/her Own Good

Whether it is drama, sports, music, or photography, hobbies can be just about anything a child enjoys outside school.

Nov 13, 2017 School Level Education