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Easiest Ways to Learn English

“Are you afraid of speaking English?” Don’t be shy about it; you are not alone in this matter. We are here to provide you with useful tips to be an expert in this language. Follow the tips to be familiar with this language and perform exceptionally well in every sphere of your l

Oct 23, 2017 School Level Education
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Why Magic Still Interests Children in a Science Driven World

A majority of children all around the world grow up listening to fairy tales and magical stories and they develop a strong interest towards magic in their early years of life. Even as they grow up in this science driven era with breakthrough innovations and technology advancements takin

Oct 13, 2017 School Level Education
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Study Resources: How to Calculate the Area of Complex Geometrical Figures

Students usually find it easy to find out the area of known geometrical figures involving common shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, and so on. But what if they come across complex geometrical figures like the one shown below?

Oct 10, 2017 School Level Education
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STUDY RESOURCES: A thorough overview of the different Boolean algebra laws

Boolean algebra is the mathematics used to analyze various circuits and gates in digital electronics. The laws of Boolean algebra can be used to simplify and reduce a handful number of complex Boolean expressions in an honest attempt to reduce the required number of logic gates. The var

Sep 13, 2017 School Level Education
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The Major Benefits of High School Sports and Games in Education

High school sports do benefit students on the whole. Sometimes they get into it for the love of the game, and sometimes they get in just for the sake of fun and enjoyment. No matter what it is, they will always remain at an advantage whether they realize it or not. In this art

Aug 18, 2017 School Level Education
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The Different Benefits of Using iPads for Teaching Kids With Learning Difficulties

The benefits of using iPad in education are virtually unparalleled by anything else. It’s something that’s more than capable of providing a customized learning environment to students who suffer from different learning disabilities such as

Aug 14, 2017 School Level Education
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Boost Your Child’s Working Memory: 7 Proven Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with the very basics first. What is a “working memory”? Working memory refers to the short-term manipulation of information that kids use for learning. Previously, the term "working memory" was alternatively used with the term "shor

Aug 09, 2017 School Level Education
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6 of the Commonest Mistakes Students Make While Solving Physics Numerical Problems

Many students consider physics numericals as an intengral part of their academic problems. They have more or less zero issues with the entire subject, but as soon as numerical problems crop up, the entire thing just goes right down the drain. In this article, we’ll take a peek at

Jul 31, 2017 School Level Education