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What Good Long Winter Holidays Can Do students

As it is known, school is a major part of each child’s life. They spend the majority of their time in the school, learning new things. However, school holidays too are a major part of a school year. Children eagerly wait for those long summer and winter holidays. We as children used to look

Jul 05, 2017 School Level Education
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The Importance of Moral Education

Moral education is basically a training which shows us the right and just way to lead our lives. Being honest, just, legitimate, accommodative, generous, to share love and care, show consideration and sensitivity are basic principles of moral education. It is more of a practice which enriches the

Jun 17, 2017 School Level Education
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More reasons why inspiring kids should read more

In today’s time, where different type of gadgets are developed everyday children have almost forgot about reading books. With increasing technology and internet, as more and more new apps are created and new and with introduction of advanced and attractive type of games, children have lost

Jun 07, 2017 School Level Education
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Smart ways how Tutors can stay Employed in an Apps educated world

In today’s world due to the rapid advancement of technology and Internet, students prefer to study from home using different learning apps. These apps offer complete courses with regular assessment and exams. As a result, there is a decrease in numbers of students opting for tuitions or coa

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For the love of English

Working as a primary teacher can have its highs and lows! One day all 24 of your children are on your wavelength, throwing ideas at you like there is no tomorrow, and the next day…it’s as if you were speaking Chinese to them. When working within an international setting, it can be a

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How Gaming can develop SEL skills of students

A nonprofit organization, The World Economic Forum is calling out educators to make students understand what kind of jobs will be available for them in the future. This will help in preparing the students of today to the workplace demands and social participation requirements of tomorrow.

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Enjoy and Utilize a Long Summer Break from School

Summer break is essential for children. Children require a break from their monotonous routine of school and studies. It helps children in developing skills in subjects they love and attempt things they are interested in.  Students require a few months off to relax and also to take a br

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Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Education cannot be confined within the four walls of a classroom. Knowledge and firsthand experience of the outside world are essential for career growth and surviving challenges in life. Outdoor learning includes studying the climate, environment, and historical traditions of a place and the li

Mar 15, 2017 School Level Education