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Todd Persaud

Using Technology to Get the Little Tykes Off Your Back

The more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that there is an endless supply of technological strategies to employ in the classroom to get the little tykes off your back, and you are really only limited by your imagination. Many of these activities involve searching or tra

Nov 07, 2019 Tools and Techniques
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If You Are A Student Wanting To Adopt The Maker Culture, You Should Get Yourself A Kano

Kano is a simple, compact kit that’s tailor made for students who want to adopt the maker culture. The Kano kit is capable of imparting effective hands-on hardware assembling knowledge as well as programming knowledge to the users.

Stella Lincoln

12 Academic Tools and Resources Useful for University Students

Tehnology has created a significant impact in each aspect of life. Machinery has overtaken about every inch of this world. Likewise, it has greatly affected the methods of teaching and learning. Mo

May 21, 2019 Tools and Techniques
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Photographing Birds In Action: Incredible DIY Tips For Beginners

The texture and color of birds’ plumage make them an exciting photographing subject, made all the more exhilarating by their elusive and fleeting nature. With a lot of practice and patience, you will soon be on your way to capturing wonderful photographs of our feathered friends.

Apr 23, 2018 Tools and Techniques
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Freehand or machines? Which is better for students?

Exercise is the way to the healthy life. Since ancient ages, the sages are practicing yoga and meditation extending their heartbeats to 100+ years. We are a composition of mind, body, and soul. The five elements of life such as air, water, fire, space, and earth can be purified through

Mar 12, 2018 Tools and Techniques
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Pie Chart-Based Data Interpretation: Solution Tips, and Sample Question for Practice

You might not have to use the circle properties for these DI questions, but it is a good piece of knowledge to have up your sleeve. For example, A sector of the pie chart is a part of the entire area of the same chart. An arc is a part of the circumference, and likewise.

Mar 07, 2018 Tools and Techniques
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How Should You Collect Quality Feedback From the Students?

How would you judge your success as a teacher? Is it by seeing the students smiling after your class are over? No Is it by seeing the students’ silence during your lecture? No Is it the excellent grades of the students? Yes

Feb 28, 2018 Tools and Techniques
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Guidelines for the Teachers- Unique Classroom Management Strategies

Teachers around the globe must confess to a single sentence of Socrates:- “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” Effective classroom management sig

Feb 26, 2018 Tools and Techniques