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Best Places to Buy Education Related E-Books

With the advent of technology, we now can order food, apparel and much more from online shopping retailers, so why not books? Digital books are a great way to enhance your learning process with attractive and engaging content. E-books are easy to access and can be used infinitely on any compatibl

Oct 19, 2020 UAE Education News
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Top 10 CBSE Schools in Dubai

Without compromising with quality, guiding towards a holistic approach to learning and a child-friendly, stress-free approach towards education has been the motto of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of India since its foundation. Dubai is the business center of the UAE and a lot of

Jan 14, 2020 UAE Education News
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Top 9 Pakistani schools in the UAE

In recent times, the education system in the UAE has made progressive efforts to improve the quality of education among youths.  With the Emirates government spending enough money on schooling, literacy rates went uphill, and UAE is now entrusted by thousands, for quality education

Dec 04, 2019 UAE Education News
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Things to Know About Student Psychology (Part 1)

I am going to start this write up with a simple question: “What makes a teacher successful?” Is it his/her knowledge of the subject? Or is it dependent on his/her ability to control the class? Nah! It requires something more. Empathy’s the thing that makes a teacher stand out am

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A 'Know-It-All' Teacher – Is It A Boon or Bane?

Education is a two-way process, and within any classroom around the world, the chief learner is the tutor. Students do not want a know-it-all teacher, who solely transmits information from the textbook in the form of lectures. They want someone who makes them learn, interact, discuss and gain kno

Nov 12, 2019 UAE Education News
Todd Persaud

How Chris Ducker Saved My English Teaching Career

As an English teacher, burnout is a very real danger. At one time in my career, I was struggling.  Fortunately for me, I discovered a book by Chris Ducker called Virtual Freedom which I want to argue saved my life, like crazy!  So here’s the scoop. About Virtu

Nov 06, 2019 UAE Education News
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Educator Wellness: Self-Care in a Selfless Field

Educators hold a very special place in our society with their selfless ambitions to nurture and share their knowledge. However, teachers spend most of their time concerned about others that they lack time to take care of themselves. The number of educators seeking mental health support in the UAE

Sep 18, 2019 UAE Education News
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Make Learning Easier With The 5-Step ADEPT Method

Learning a new concept can turn out to be pretty rewarding. Yet, at the same time, it can also be frustrating when new information starts floating around your head without sticking. We are often forced to read a book repeatedly just to get the pieces of information stored in our memory.

Aug 28, 2019 UAE Education News