The Qualities That Make a Great Teacher

Mar 05, 2018

A teacher has the magical power of changing the minds and building the nation. Teaching is one of the noblest jobs in the world. A child’s outcomes greatly depend on the education imparted in him/her by a teacher.

Actually, tutors are those people who lose their own sleep over other’s offsprings. A student remembers and cherishes the teachings of a great teacher throughout his/her life.

An educator must possess the thought that the world’s future is in his/her classroom. Teaching is somewhat like giving assistance to a mighty discovery.

The quote of Albert Einstein goes perfect with the teaching profession:

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”.

As a teacher, you must hold:

  • An engaging teaching style

You must know how to arrest the student’s attention to your lecture by making it exciting and entertaining.

  • A presentable personality

Funky clothes and overtly casual hairstyle may ruin the respect from the students that you deserve. They are very young and can take you lightly.

  • Logical objectives

Set clear objectives and converse in a simple language than any exaggeration. Meet the objectives of each topic respectively.

  • Better classroom management expertise

Your management skills will ensure the student’s positive performance, behavior, superior studies, work habits, disciplinary mental attitude and the overall well being of the classroom.

  • Friendly yet disciplined attitude

A teacher inspires his/her students very much. Your strong rapport with the young learners builds the trust. They will follow your guidance truly.

  • Positive behavior

Your right behavior and mannerism will elevate the etiquette course of the students. It will bring a havoc change in the classroom.

  • Elevated expectation

As a teacher, you must expect good results from your students. But, it must not be unrealistic. Encourage your students for giving their best in every positive aspect.

  • Profound knowledge

You must be totally knowledgeable about the subject you are teaching. Half known mastery is dangerous as you won’t be able to answer all the questions thrown at you by the learners. Your students depend on you. They must understand that you are thoroughly aware of the school or college curriculum and the particular subject.

  • Passion

You must be passionate about teaching young boys and girls. No profession will give you the deserved respect if you don’t have the zeal for it. You must be stimulated for influencing the learner’s lives.

  • Good relation with the parents

Little kids cannot take care of themselves. They are too young to realize goods and bads. Conduct parents-teacher meetings at regular intervals so that you can communicate with the fathers and mothers and both can discuss about the present condition and the further steps to be taken for the improvisation of the wards. In this way, you will build a good harmony with the parents and they can be reached through mails, phones, messages if needed urgently.

  • A good listener

Every man and woman who enters into the teaching profession wishes to be the best teacher. But, it’s not an easy task. You need to be a good listener. Your students don’t want to hear your lectures all the time. They desire you tell their queries to you so that you can give them the required solutions. Rapport building will be easier if you listen to them.

  • Sense of humor

Who want to talk to a person who is rude 24x7? Nobody will like you if you are not funny in a good way. Your sense of humor will attract more students to your class and they will take utter interest in your subject. If you keep on punishing them for trivial errors, they won’t respect you, rather will be scared of you which is not good.

  • Be an idol

Be someone who can be followed. Your lifestyle, discipline, habits will inspire the next generation. Be kind, benevolent, chivalrous and humble. The youngsters must try to incorporate your positive qualities in them that will benefit them to be good human beings.

Hitherto, if you continue to teach without being an inspiration to the students who desire to learn something from you, then you are attempting to mould a cold iron. Your effect on your students must be eternal. Be someone who can make poor learner into an extraordinarily superior one.

Wish you all the best.

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