Real Estate Education is Ongoing: Useful Tips to Help Agents Stay Current

Jul 27, 2017

Unlike many careers requiring years of college to earn a degree, a real estate career requires only the successful completion of a course, followed by the passage of a test in the state where the agent is seeking licensure.

Once licensed, however, real estate agents must adhere to strict continuing education classes in order to renew the licenses every two years, as well as seek out specialized education to improve and help grow their businesses. As many agents soon learn, keeping up with these ongoing educational demands can be a real challenge, especially as newer agents working hard to build their careers. If you have found yourself struggling with the educational demands associated with selling real estate, the following tips can help! 

Seek Out Educational Opportunities Sponsored by Your State and Local Board 

In most areas, the state and local Board of REALTORS® offer periodic classes to help their membership stay current. Because these classes are often scheduled months in advance and offer two or more classes per day, agents who can take advantage of this opportunity can more easily work toward fulfilling their mandatory continuing education in easy-to-handle sessions.

This type of offering can also provide a good way for agents to explore specialized classes in marketing that may help them attract new clients. As a bonus, most classes offered in this manner are usually priced at a reduced group rate, making them an even better value. To find out when these classes may be offered in a particular area, agents can contact their broker, manager, or local board representative for more information. 

Consider Online Classes to Meet Critical Deadlines

When time is critical and the deadline for a continuing education class is fast approaching, opting to go online can be a great choice. With many fully accredited courses now available, agents who cannot find time during working hours for taking traditional classes can easily and affordably take them from home during the evening or on weekends. This comparison of three of the most popular online real estate class providers can help agents learn more about this opportunity and decide if this is a good solution for them.

Read, Read, Read!

Another simple, but very convenient way to further your education in the area of real estate is simply to read. There are currently many books on the market by successful investors, former agents, and real estate business owners that can provide a wealth of information valuable to newer agents. Here, check out these Liberty Market Condos homepage to know more.

Choose Classes That Will Further Your Chosen Specialization and Expand Your Horizons

It's a fact that some real estate class content is dry, making some agents dread attending these classes. But putting off needed education for this reason will only make agents fall further behind. To help rekindle interest, agents may want to schedule each potentially difficult or boring class along with one that will be more interesting and relevant as a newer agent, as a reward.

For instance, agents who want to specialize in a specific type of market, such as vacation homes, farms, or condos, should consider taking classes that will help them succeed in these markets, as well as their mandatory continuing education classes.  

Take Advantage of Educational Opportunities in your Community

Although not technically a class, regular attendance of local Chamber of Commerce, planning and zoning, and other local meetings can be very helpful in keeping agents abreast of local happenings that can influence their business and their clients. Many of these organizations regularly host knowledgeable speakers on many subjects, including construction, community development, property management, investing, lending, Fair Housing laws, and other topics that dovetail well with real estate and help agents become more knowledgeable and better able to assist their clients. 

For additional information about real estate educational opportunities in your area, seek out the advice of your broker or an experienced agent you admire. By taking advantage of every opportunity to learn, agents can grow their business more quickly, represent their clients more professionally, and enjoy more profit and stability in their career. 

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