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Top ICSE School in Dubai

There are a good number of Indian expatriates living in Dubai and ICSE schools in Dubai have been booming for a long time. The different Indian curriculum of studies stand at par with the British, and the American schools and the resident Indians desire their sons and daughters to study in School

Mar 20, 2020 Academics
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Top Pakistani Schools in Abu Dhabi

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates have a long relationship between each other and it started as soon as the British left India and Pakistan was formed. The 2 countries, since then enjoy extremely intimate and brotherly relations, inherent cultural resemblances, share f

Mar 11, 2020 Academics
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Top 8 IB Schools in Abu Dhabi

Public education is compulsory for all UAE nationals and the Government is committed to mobilizing all its resources to provide free education to its citizens. Non-UAE nationals may attend government schools as fee-paying students. Abu Dhabi, being the capital of the UAE and the most populous cit

Feb 28, 2020 Academics
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Top 10 Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi

India had a long economic and political relationship with the countries in the Persian Gulf. The UAE, previously known as Trucial Oman gained its independence in the 19th century by the aid of the British Raj of India at that time. The Khoja and the Kutchi communities of India administered the tr

Feb 18, 2020 Academics
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Top 5 French Schools in Dubai

France is one of the major countries of this world that provide military support to the UAE. During 2006, one of the first Universities of the world, the Sorbonne University along with the Louvre museum, the world’s largest art museum, and the historic monument in 2017 were established as e

Feb 14, 2020 Academics
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Top 5 Pakistani Schools in Sharjah

Pakistan and the UAE share an extremely close and brotherly relation, founded on the deep-rooted cultural empathies, shared faith and customs. Regular bilateral consultations between the two countries reflect that Pakistan and the UAE have strong fundamentals and mutually beneficial relations, fr

Feb 12, 2020 Academics
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Top 10 British Schools in Dubai

Dubai, along with other regions at the west of the Persian Gulf, that now comprise the UAE experienced fights and rivalries between the local emirs and pirates who lived on the seas and used the shores as their temporary camping places during the 18th Century. Britain had an interest in this vast

Feb 10, 2020 Academics
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Top 4 Philippine Schools in Dubai

There has been a long bilateral relation between the Republic of the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. For a lot of work, the UAE depends on expatriates and numerous Phillipino expatriates come to UAE and rank the second position in terms of man-power providers after Saudi Arabia. Near ab