The Right Steps to Get Into Online Tutoring

Jan 11, 2018

Teaching is the bravest and noble job in the world as it is the source of all other professions. A teacher can bring the difference as he/she is in charge of the generation that is going to rule the future.

A teacher’s light of inspiration can reach any corner of the world. But, it is not possible through footsteps. The world of internet has brought the opportunity of online tutoring that helps millions from the global aspect.

Now, you can teach your students through online medium just like you do it in the classroom with voice, marker, and board.

You may think that the advanced technology will hinder you from effective teaching through the online sites.

Here are proper tutoring guidelines for you who wish to get into online tutoring:

A. YouTube

You must be aware of the magic spell of YouTube. It is the most popular online tutoring and video sharing website followed by most of the population. Upload your teaching classes and lectures and the demonstrations via your own personal YouTube channel. People who are interested to know about your subject will subscribe your channel and view the videos and also put comments underneath. Many tutorial organizations have come to fame via YouTube.

B. Connect with instructional organizations

If you wish to build a quick and secure client base, then join a tutoring firm. The working team is extraordinarily efficient to manage clients and educate them about the perspective of online teaching and learning. Plus, you need not worry to chase the subscription and payment rates.

C. Skype connection

An exquisite fusion of voice chats and video with messages- that’s Skype for you. Nowadays, we have smartphones, laptops, and computers. Additionally, it doesn’t charge anything for us. If you already have a student base, inform them to connect with you via Skype. Schedule a time with them as per mutual convenience. You can share the screen, take screenshots, use emoticons, share files, etc.

D. Help with homework

Many students face troubles with their homework that they do themselves. They turn to Google for help. But, in most of the scenarios, they fail to get the exact answer. You can take charge of solving the issues. Inform the mass that you will be available in person at a specific time for face to face problem-solving session. You can ask them to leave messages for you that you will solve and send them.

E. Virtual whiteboards

It works similarly to the practical whiteboards. Your students can view everything you write on the online whiteboard. Merge Skype with virtual whiteboards like IDroo, AWW, Scribblar, Sketchlot, Real-time Board, etc. and teach the global classroom anytime from anywhere.

F. Avail the cloud storage services

Google Drive and Dropbox help you to update, store and share your teaching elements with the global students anytime. If the pupils have their accounts, sharing and adding contents are easier. They can submit the assignment to Dropbox and share it via a link. You can collaborate with the learners at the real time. Multiple people can work on a single document concurrently through Google Drive. You will get the data backup too.

G. Take help of the business management software

TutorPanel and Teach works systematically manage the administrative and business regards of your online tutoring pursuits. You will get the benefits of restoring the harmony between invoicing students and training symposiums, automating the session mnemonics, payments, and billings, programming the tutoring sessions, dealing with the revenue reports and the business expense and handling the training calendars.

  • It’s important to get paid adequately for your hard work

PayPal has made online payment smooth throughout the world. You can generate an invoice and request money. You will be charged around 1.4% to 3.4% and 20p for each transaction. You can include the benefit of bank transfer for your tutoring classes. All the earnings are taxable.

  • Do online advertisement

If you wish to be successful in the field of online tutoring, you have to make people know about your business. Take help of Google Adwords. Gumtree is a website where you can post an ad.

Online tutoring companies like Tutorhub receive a commission based on each online tutoring seminar hosted by them. But, they will provide you the merit of customer service and specific choices to the students in case they wish to converse with someone in particular about their lessons.

While wrapping up, we must admit that the online community is spreading education beyond the geographic and cultural limits. Everyone from everywhere can learn various essential things through online mediums and make use of the knowledge in real life. Therefore, go ahead, be an enlightened online tutor.

Best wishes to you.

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