Top 6 Reasons to Study Masters Degree in Germany

Nov 19, 2021

The German community has always been an essential component of the world's foremost artistic and scientific achievements; as a result, practically all academic subjects in Germany and abroad have an extensive and illustrious history of great achievements. It's no surprise that students from all over the world are perplexed as to why no other country has followed Germany's lead in abolishing the tuition fee. The absence of tuition expenses, on the other hand, is simply one of the numerous advantages of pursuing a master’s in Germany. Let's go over all of the benefits Germany has to offer to participants who want to pursue their master's degree in yet another country like Germany.

1. In Germany, there are no tuition costs at public universities

Universities in Germany are mostly sponsored by the government, making it practically free for both local and international participants. The German higher learning network is made up of roughly 400 schools, grouped among public "tuition-free" universities with over 2.4 million participants and a reduced amount of private universities with less than 5% of the overall student population. Germany has been campaigning for a decade to abolish tuition fees across the nation, but as a decentralized federal republic, getting all 16 federations to comply has indeed been challenging. After reaching an agreement in October 2014, Germany currently offers free basic education to all applicants, irrespective of their nationality.

2. Ancient universities:

In Germany, there are three categories of academic institutions. Universities, academic institutions for Applied Sciences, and the ones that specialize in technical, art, film, and music colleges. With the exception of a considerable heritage of excellent education and notable personalities in numerous academic subjects, the majority of public universities in Germany originate from the Medieval Era. Some establishments, as well as most of Germany's private universities, were established either after WWII or quite recently.

3. Management and facilities in higher education are outstanding:

Germany's universities are well-known for their facilities and academic programs. Optimal facilities with cutting-edge technology, as well as a diverse professional team that makes a significant contribution to the development of enlightening curriculum, ensuring that future generations of practitioners, regardless of their specialty, will be successful. The revolutionary pathways to world-class academic progress are seen to include innovative thinking, global collaboration, and practice-oriented study.

4. Degrees that are recognized globally:

All German universities currently follow the Bologna system, which assures that all graduates receive a unifying and globally recognized degree, including a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate. Except for medical, legal, and pharmacy, this extends to most academic subjects. Participants are still taught in the usual manner in these topics; a state test is given after the course, and the course seems to last a couple of extra semesters than a typical bachelor's degree.

5. Courses are delivered in the English language:

Going to study in Germany is not only free but it may also be done in English if your German abilities aren't up to par. English is an extensively used global language that is offered as a foreign language in several schools worldwide. A new beginning in a foreign land, a new university, and a different language can be more difficult than you can anticipate; as a result, you may wish to ease into it by enrolling in a global curriculum delivered in English while your German language abilities improve, and then switching to enrolling in Germany.

6. Job opportunities:

It's worth noting that in Germany, practice-oriented colleges have relationships with major corporations to provide graduates with internship opportunities. These may or may not be compensated, but they might contribute to wonderful future employment once you graduate.

So, if you're thinking of moving to Germany for all of the above reasons, you should start by enrolling in a suitable course right now!

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