Top 10 American Schools in Sharjah

Jan 17, 2020

According to a study revealed in 2015, there are more than 50,000 Americans who live in the UAE. Because of the great military cooperation between the two countries a lot of American military personnel live in the UAE and Sharjah being the cultural hub, has a wide American population too. Expatriates from the USA residing in Sharjah prefer their children to study in Amerian schools as it gives them a flavor of their own country and prefers the American curriculum of education. Catering to them as well as to the local residents there are numerous American schools in Sharjah. Below listed are some of the best American schools in Sharjah.

1) New World American Private School

Founded in 2013, New World American Private School is an international school where the ambitions and aptitude of students are nurtured, encouraged, and reasoned. Along with building strong characters, NWAPS dedicates towards encouraging the detection of knowledge, intensifying wisdom and gratefulness towards the environment. The school believes that these qualities united with physical training, artistic works, and extending a helping hand to others formulate incomparable educational openings. The Iberian architecture school building has numerous facilities like tennis court, football field, manicured garden to name a few. The school follows the American curriculum based on Common Core State Standards that inculcates the 21st-century educational methodology so that students become successful in the modern life. NWAPS encourages parents to participate actively along with teachers by taking their ideas, having group discussions and having parents-teachers meetings as both serve a common goal i.e. the well being of the students. New World American Private School is one of the best American schools in Sharjah that aims to build self-confident and motivated learners who dream to fulfill their potentials. Hayee Al Falah, 45683, Al Gharayen Area-Sharjah,UAE,

Al Gharayen, Sharjah.
[email protected]
+971 65527443


2) Taryam American Private School

Taryam American Private School’s slogan is ‘Learner Today, Leader Tomorrow.’ The high-quality educational system of the school is based on the American Curriculum Standards along with the Ministry of Education standards in the Arabic Language, Islamic Education, and Social Studies. TAPS encourages the knowhow of scientific studies like computers, applied science, mathematics, and engineering along with the basics. By doing so, the students have a comprehensive knowledge of education and experience a meaningful learning atmosphere. The reason behind considering TAPS as one of the best American school in Sharjah is it not only trains the students but also train the teachers seriously throughout one academic year so that they come to know each individual student’s learning technique and learning programs can be customized for each child. The co-curricular activities conducted by the school do not restrict to tennis or football alone but cognitive abilities like cooking, playing chess, sewing, embroidery, creative writing or robotics are also encouraged. Medals, certificates, merit awards, and trophies are awarded to students for boosting their potentials. Taryam American Private School creates an exceptional and imaginative educational atmosphere so that students learn through their lives and become future frontrunners.

Al Azra School Area. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
[email protected]


3) Al Itqan American School

Compared to other American schools in Sharjah, Al Itqan American School was established in 2013, and within these few years, it has become the most advancing and popular school in the city. The student-centric culture of the school makes the teachers to create stimulating learning ambiance for each individual child. The American curriculum coupling with technology-based learning makes the students pro-active in their thought process developing the decision-making skills in them sharper. There is a strong bond between students, teachers, and parents and a combined decision in communication makes learning easier. Proper care is taken so that all students from every background acquire the abilities, awareness and confidence to reach to their individual goals.

Al Azra, Sharjah. P.O. Box 31717. United Arab Emirates.
[email protected]
+971 65220010, +971 6522 0010


4) The Modern American International School

AIS (Modern American International School) is the best Islamic American school in Sharjah. Although the school follows the American Education Program, it focuses deeply on the Islamic tradition and culture into its students. MAIS provides high-quality education to its students so that they become academically and emotionally well aware, goal-oriented and life-long learners to value citizenship, and leadership to value transparency and collaboration. It is a disciplined school that is strict on opposing the dress code. MAIS discourages regular leave of absence or early leaves. The school’s common areas include the playgrounds, hallways, the multipurpose rooms, and the restrooms. Meals including breakfast, lunch, and snacks are offered by the school itself. The school prepares outstanding future students who are wisely aware of their national identities and are confident to interact with the multicultural world around them.

Al Azra Schools Area, Near Sharjah Transport, Al Azra, - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates.
+971 65220040


5) Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School

Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School believes in educating the whole child. Apart from the academic knowledge the school provides, BAKIS takes equal measures in creating environmental awareness, responsibility, and leadership thus enriching and coupling the curriculum with the extra-curriculum. The school has a belief that the future leaders they build have a life-plan and teachers along with the parents of the children join hands to coach and guide them, making a joyful and healthy journey of learning. In 2019 the accreditation board of NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) awarded Candidacy status to BAKIS. Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School is considered one of the best American schools in Sharjah because of the blend of the American curriculum with the MOE curriculum. The MOE curriculum includes Arabic, Islamic, Social Studies and Moral Education subjects offered from KG to Grade 12. The teacher-parent interaction is very important for the school, as it helps in understanding the flair of the student. Certain activities like SIS (School information system), one-to-one discussions, s, student-parent conferences, teacher meetings are regularly practiced in the school. ‘Alone we can do little but together we can do much’ is the main motto of the school.

Al Noor Street, Al Azra, Sharjah. United Arab Emirates.P.O BOX 70602
+971 65667544

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6) Al Resalah American International School

The most popular curriculum in today’s world is the American curriculum and Al Resalah American International School follows this way of study and can be considered as one of the best American schools in Sharjah because of its practical application and easiness of application. ARAIS gears students to be ready for higher education with their state of the art educational expertise and knowledge to be ready to reach their greatest academic and social potentials. The fully fitted sensory classrooms are part o the facilities provided by the 5 modern technology-driven buildings of the school compound. Computer laboratories, science laboratories, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, library containing English and Arabic books, reading rooms for the KG section, clinics, cafeterias are also included in the school campus for a resourceful learning. ARAIS promises students to be equipped with passable and essential skills so that they become prolific citizens of the local and global community.

Rahmania-6, Sharjah, UAE.
[email protected]


7) Al Wahda Private School

Located near the Sharjah airport, Al Wahdia Private School offers the American education, accredited to Universities of the American curriculum. The reason behind AWPS being one of the best American schools in Sharjah is it connects the American curriculum of education to an Islamic environment. Doing so, the school excels in collaborating learning along with the knowledge of modernization and inventiveness, upholding students’ sense of accountabilities and finally become gracious, self-reliant members of the society. AWPS concentrates on classroom learning with the aid of student-centric computer devices that encourage active and adaptive learning methods. The process leads to responsibilities of learning, assessment according to their performances, and finally leading towards collaborating learning. Parents are informed at regular intervals about the happenings of the school so that they get involved in the daily activities of the school. Parents share their views with teachers for the overall improvements of the students. AWPS welcomes students from all backgrounds as they attempt for educational excellence with strong honorable values to develop successful and contributing members to a global society.

P O Box 67222. Al Qarayen 3 (Near Sharjah airport). Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. \
[email protected]


8) Al Durrah International School

Educating a student wholely that includes the mind, the body and the spirit is the belief of Al Durrah International School and it has been its motto since 2015 when the school was established. The simple to understand but a powerful approach makes ADIS a few among the best American schools in Sharjah. Children accept the school as their second home as they are curious about the world around them, become inquisitive about learning, and get prepared to take futuristic steps towards life. About 1200 students are there in the school from KG to the 12th grade and the school provides an environment for all of them that are challenging though supportive, friendly teachers who are ready to guide and coach and modern classroom and campus resources. Co-curricular activities couple with academic education, making the students well-connected with their interests and talents. Al Durrah International School aims to inspire and empower its students to become powerful, productive, and patriotic global citizens with high moral and ethical values, being competent ambassadors of their own cultures.

The intersection Al Nahda Street and Al Khan Street, Sharjah, UAE. P.O. Box: 151111.
[email protected]
+971 65315555


9) American School Of Creative Science, Maliha

‘Education is second to none’ is the belief of the American school of creative science, Malhia. The US Curriculum, based on American Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, Math, History, Geography, and Next Generation Science Standards for Science offers freedom towards individual student’s needs. Along with the colorful education curriculum, the multiflavored co-curriculum activities encourage students to help develop themselves into future leaders nurturing creative freedom. The investigation-based, hands-on teaching methods with world-class learning policies in the American curriculum make ASCS, Maliha; one of the uprising best American schools in Sharjah. The US Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards add value to it. The activity stations (latest computers, interactive whiteboards) inside the classrooms with immediate outdoor access makes them unique. Libraries, auditoriums, activity rooms, multi-purpose hall, ICT room, gym, and kitchen (enhancing aesthetic talents) inside the campus encourage their imaginations. Outdoor activities flourish in playgrounds and swimming pools. The wireless campus urges using tablets, e-resources, interactive whiteboards, digital projectors, digital visualizers, ACTi Votes, ActivTables to name a few. Clinics are available for medical care. Cafeteria and canteens for regular healthy food supply crave students to go for sumptuous nourishments. Overall ASCS is an attractive school campus for students for multiple requirements. The school is definitely one of the rising American schools in Sharjah.

Maliha Road. Sharjah, UAE.
+971 65055000


10) Al Kamal Private School

The school caters to students from KG 1 to class 9. Building the ‘common core standards’ for students is the primary agenda of the school so that they excel in higher schools, colleges and finally in their career and life. Al Kamal Private school believes in building long learners so that they transform into global citizens. Planning, programming, testing, management and research-based learning are the fundamental techniques of the school and that is why AKPS develop a challenging and competitive curriculum that caters to developing academic and personnel skills. The personnel skill include physical performances including the football club, karate club along intellectual enactments like reading and language enhancements. AKPS has been accredited by NCA Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the SACS Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and is valid till 2023. The integration of arts in the curriculum is important and that involves a student's active participation in a curriculum. Al Kamal Private school encourages its students in doing so.

Al Ramtha. Abdullah Salem Al Sabah Street. Sharjah, UAE.
[email protected]
+971 65659870


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