Top Apps & Sites for Students to Become Better Writers

Apr 27, 2020

If essays, book reviews, or term papers appear on your to-do list on a regular basis, it’s really helpful to rethink your favorite writing apps. It is especially important if you’re resinous about your studying and writing in particular. It’s time to get serious about your college essays, and the following apps will help you greatly. The applications we’ve listed provide special features that not only make your writing assignments easier, but also help you edit and proofread the accomplished papers. If you believe your writing needs some professional polishing to make your tutor proud of you, check some tools offered below.


Meet your writing assistant. Grammarly provides clear and reasonable writing suggestions that boost your text and helps your readers understand your key message. The grammar checker can help students with punctuation, spelling, grammar, readability, clarity, and so on.


If a college student happens to work with a partner on a piece of academic writing, Draft will help to deal with individual changes, as well as refer to previous drafts, if needed. The other options that the app provides are Ask a Professional (it helps online users find edits from professional reviewers) and Hemingway Mode (it lets your rough drafts exist for a longer period of time by turning off your ability to delete anything for a certain period of time).


Evernote is definitely going to become your favorite app, when it comes to writing. The users are welcome to customize this app and use one on any devices – from iOS and Android to desktop. Probably the best option that Evernote is known for is that it enables one to create as many notebooks as possible. In addition to that, Evernote provides some other options, such as stunning integration with other supported applications, dictation used to turn voice notes into logical texts, as well as team collaboration to work with the partner writers.


Without a doubt, there were moments in your life when you wondered if your essay sounded nice only in your head, or it was really worth attention. That’s what Readable is for. The app is actually an easy-to-use text analyzer that will help you make your writing clearer and easy to comprehend. Readable scans your text based on the measures like syllable and sentence length, keyword density, and so on.


While all the apps listed above and below guarantee superb writing experience, OmniOutliner has moved one step beyond that now. You’re welcome to organize and outline your ideas, put your thoughts into essay form, and so on. Use OmniOutliner to create reference notes, use them later in any format you prefer, etc.


The app has a user-friendly design and loads of options that turn JotterPad into one of the best apps available on the web. You’re welcome to avail of export features to DOCX and PDF. Besides, JotterPad is free, which means the app is a perfect choice for those on the lookout for a scratchpad that fits well Android. What is more, the users can choose the full version of the app when it is time to deal with some serious writing.

Writing Challenge

If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, and can’t produce a word, Writing Challenge might help. Check out the app that will help you move from the dead point by suggesting loads of the most various story starters (for instance, “Start with the sentence ‘The man was mysteriously silent.’”). Besides, the users have an opportunity to set a timer in order to challenge themselves to compete with the time.

iA Writer

If you’re searching for a reliable app that will help you get rid of all possible distractions, iA Writer is the one. Choose the app to get some peace of mind and remain focused when it’s time to produce the other essay, book report, or research paper. iA Writer is available for both mobile and desktop devices.


Expresso is an app that might become helpful when you need to edit an essay or boost your writing style. This little tool will help you express your ideas in a more efficient manner to make your papers more precise and readable. What is more, the app never saves the texts that you check to guarantee privacy to every user.

Ginger Software

Ginger grammar checker is a nice option for those who are looking for an alternative to Grammarly. In case English is your second language, Ginger software is worth drawing attention to. By means of this app, the users can translate their texts written in German, French, Spanish, and many other languages. Plus, the application also enables one to check unlimited number of documents for grammar mistakes.

If you’re in need of writing tips or you’d like someone to check and edit your text, experts are there to help. Moderate rates and round-the-clock availability of professional writers and editors make the company a reasonable choice for college students on the budget.


Ulysses is known as an alternative to iA Writer. However, the app offers more options in contrast to the previous tool. For example, Ulysses has the so-called Markup-Based Text Editor to help you write faster, as well as a library that helps one organize all docs and notes, etc.
The app helps busy writers organize both small projects and the ones that are more complex and lengthier.


Available for macOS, Windows, and Linux, WriteMonkey is a free writing tool that is known for its absolutely distraction-free interface. The software provides great opportunities for organizing files, automatic syntax highlighting, exceptional outlining, and many other tasks associated with writing. Once you get used to it, you will be glad you mastered it!
At the end of the day, when it comes to writing, it’s always about producing something that catches attentions and is unique. It is always about having something to share with others and being able to do that efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re dealing with a simple five-paragraph essay, a book report, a movie review, or a 200-page book, we truly hope that the software we have discussed above will become useful.

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