Top 8 British Schools in Sharjah

Jan 15, 2020

Sharjah is the 3rd most populous (800,000) city in UAE. With Persian gulf on the west and Gulf of Oman (Indian Ocean) on the east, Sharjah is the hub of humanity, industry and contributes towards 7.4 % of GDP of the United Arab Emirates. It is also known as the cultural capital of the UAE. Quite a number of the schools in Sharjah follow the British curriculum as the medium of education and because of the increasing number of British people settling in Sharjah, expatriates, British schools in Sharjah are getting more and more popular. Listed below are some of the best British schools in Sharjah.

1. Providence English Private School

The school’s mission is to provide knowledge of international excellence through innovation to its students so that in future they become global citizens and leaders. PEPS encourages students to gather knowledge through experience that lasts long to nurture creative skills for the present and future. The school follows the British curriculum which emphasizes mainly on books and prescribed text that it has prepared from leading world publishers. The students go through 4 monthly tests and a couple of weekly tests all year round so that they become aware of their academic credentials. PEPS is associated with various sports clubs as it believes sports and games are as essential as academic education because ‘Healthy life is a wealthy life’ is its strong belief. With such an overall experience, students get the real picture around them. The Providence English Private School is considered as one of the best British schools in Sharjah because it promises to build its students spiritually to respect other cultures, physically to be healthy to accept challenges, academically to be at par with the international standard of education and socially improve the world they live in.

P.O. Box 25532. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
[email protected]
+971 06 5340443

2. International School Of Creative Sciences

ISCS targets to provide education that is second to none. Cultivating creative and critical thinking takes a vital part in the British curriculum the school provides. ISCS provides the best British education side by side with the UAE national curriculum for Arabic, Islamic and social studies. Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education, ISCS is the only Promethean center of excellence in the Middle East and probably the only Promethean innovation hub in the world. The large campus of the school comprises of academic facilities like – library, ICT rooms, kitchen lab, sporting facilities like – playgrounds, multi-purpose halls, swimming pool with digital learning labs, parent’s portal, clinics, canteen, and transport facilities. Skills like integrity, tolerance, collaboration, courage, and compassion are specially taught to the students of ISCS so that in future they transform into global citizens.

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Road.
+971 6 513 6700

3. Scholars International Academy

Only 2 schools in Sharjah that are accredited by BSO (British Schools Overseas) and Scholars International Academy is one of them. SIA is also a full member of BSME (British Schools Middle East). SIA follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales along with Cambridge Curriculum programs, the most prestigious standard for international British education. To unlock a student’s potential in the most dynamic learning environment makes Scholars International Academy one of the best British school in Sharjah. Thorough program guidance are provided by extremely talented teachers from all over the world. Numerous students gather here to seek their guidance to become academically and sensitively successful in their lives. The 7-acre campus of the school provides ample opportunities for the students to excel in their expertise. It includes the commons, canteen, library, semi-Olympic swimming pools, playgrounds for the KG kids, ICT labs, music room, drama room, design and technology room, art room, yoga studio to name a few. Along with education, sports, linguistic abilities, technology, performing arts, cultural interactions and community services are given equal attention in SIA.

Near Sharjah University City. Sharjah, UAE.
[email protected]
+971 06 519 7000

4. Sharjah English School

Founded in 1974 and located near the University city of Sharjah, Sharjah English school caters to families who look for outstanding and inspiring British education for their children. A lot of students come to SES from Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Mirdiff, and Dubai too. Although being a non-profit institution, the school provides excellent education if compared to other schools in the Gulf region with an international reputation. Sharjah English school is definitely one of the best British schools in Sharjah. Along with academic excellence, SES takes special care so that the students go through personal growth, obtain confidence in them to become spirited and imaginative learners. SES offers its students the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Any student can participate who is more than 14 years old. The award emphasizes local community service, practicing a special skill and physical recreation. SES believes that its students can adapt to any situation around them in the future because of the school’s exceptional curriculum, value-service to the society, encouragement to be imaginative and innovative, and guidance to inspire through engagements.

Meliha Road (Near National Paints, opposite University City).
[email protected]
+971 06 558 9304

5. Al Mawahib British Private School

Al Mawahib British Private School provides a curriculum that balances the British way of education with Islamic education. The reason behind blending the two educational systems make students aware of a foreign method of study along with his or her familiar way. The large school campus has modern classrooms with state of the art academic facilities, sports grounds, a kindergarten department having separate playgrounds, canteen, and school auditorium. AMBPS believes that education is the greatest responsibility for any society as nurturing the young generation is a must for the upliftment of any civilization.

Halwan, Sharjah. Landmark: Behind Sharjah Television. Zip code : 24777.
[email protected]
+971 06 567 0077

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6. Victoria English School

For the last 20 years, Victoia English school has been providing excellent learning opportunities for expatriates and local children in Sharjah. The British curriculum suitable for the multicultural ambiance makes it one of the best British schools in Sharjah. The curriculum of the school includes the primary (FS, KS1, and KS2), the secondary, the Arabic and Islamic, and the learning development sections.  Apart from active learning, VES focusses on creative and critical thinking, area-specific learning (sense of the world, expressive art and design), language, mathematics, science, computing, geography, history, music, and physical education. The school gives importance to academic values but at the same time spend equal time in nurturing intrinsic qualities like creativity, culture and well being of others.

P.O Box 25549. Sharjah, UAE.
[email protected]
+971 06 522 7770

7. Rosary School, Muweilah

Rosary school has an accreditation from the University of Cambridge to conduct IGCSE (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exam. RSM started its journey in 1976 following the British curriculum preparing the students for IGCSE and AS levels. The vision of the school is to innovate education for knowledge, pioneering and global society. Social responsibility and commitment to peace and volunteerism are the two key elements the school focuses on.

Sharjah-Industrial-No. 16/Sharjah-Maliha Street School.
[email protected]
+971 06 534 4118

8. School Of Knowledge

School of Knowledge was established in  1990 and provides quality education from KG to class 6. The school believes 3 attributes should be tutored to students from the very childhood, that are academic excellence, character building, and leadership training. The vision of the school is to strive for excellence, marching towards success, seeking new horizons for personal growth and worth. The school practices activity-based learning through various co-curricular activities like karate, music, elocution, sports and games, art and craft, and swimming. SOK considers each toddler entering the school as a reserve of talent and the school promises to empower him or her to the fullest content.

AL-Nuiamiya Street, Ajman Road. AL-Azra Area, School zone.P.O.BOX 4926, SHARJAH, U.A.E.
[email protected]
+971 06 524 9797

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