Top 12 Indian Schools in Dubai

Jan 09, 2020

Indian schools in Dubai have flourished due to the dense population of Indians in Dubai. Indians, too feel that Dubai being a cultural hub has accepted them warm-heartedly. The expatriates and the resident Indians, feel contented to see so many Indian schools in Dubai which not only contribute towards developing the educational skills of their children but successfully build them to be global citizens. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) takes immense care about the standard of education in UAE and they concentrate equally towards kindergarten, primary, secondary and collegiate education. There are numerous Indian schools in Dubai that cater to Indian and local students. Indian schools belonging to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) have been popular in Dubai for ages. Listed below are some of the best Indian Schools in Dubai :

1. Ambassador School

Description: The year 2018 to 2019 has been superb for the Ambassador School, Dubai. Students have topped in chemistry, computer science, economics, commerce and mathematics in ISC and in chemistry, history and civics, English and commercial application in ICSE. KHDA rated ‘good’, the Ambassador School is catering to near about 9000 students per year. Superior foundation can only be made through quality education and the school’s belief has been that, since foundation. The ICSE and the ISC result of the school portray that the school is sensitive to the needs of the student’s fortitude and is obviously if not the best but one of the best Indian schools in Dubai.

Address: Plot no. 317-278, PO Box : 126924. Makani ID : 27582 93298. 41A Street, Mankhool, Bur Dubai.
Website : http://www.ambassadorschool.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-3983535


2. The Indian High School.

Description: With a history of 59 years, Indian High school makes its place as one of the best Indian schools in Dubai. The Indian High School started its journey in 1961 and until today it is the major, eldest and foremost educational institute in Dubai. The main objective of the school is to create positive global citizens and by encouraging students to unfold their hidden interests in a cosmopolitan environment. Benjamin Franklin, the chairman of the Indian High School group proudly announces that IHS has been capable of spreading the Indian education system in Dubai and also got aquatinted with The UAE’s National Priorities in education which include national agenda, reading, moral education, and inclusion. Technology-based learning environment has been a motto for IHS since it started its journey. Apart from basic education, IHS emphasizes counseling, guidance, and communication with parents. Events like ‘Handwash Day’, ‘Gandhi Jayanti’, ‘International day of tolerance’ are performed in the school.

Address: P.O Box no. 106. Oud Metha Road (Near Oud Metha Metro Station).
Website : http://www.ihsdxb.net/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971 4 3344055


3. Delhi Private School Academy LLC

Description: The core belief of Delhi Private School Academy LLC is, the brains of children are not empty tanks waiting to be filled with facts and figures. Their creative and curious minds search for knowledge and not information. Through ideas, thoughts, and observations these tender brains can be developed into passionate minds thriving to learn and focussing on their areas of interest. The DPS society in Dubai is the 3rd initiative of the UAE, accepted and approved by the Ministry of Education, Govt of UAE and is affiliated to the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. DPS provides education from KG 1 to class XII. DPS believes in giving equal opportunities to all students from different backgrounds and abilities. The reason behind DPS, being one of the best Indian schools in Dubai is its motto, to promote ‘service before self’. For opting, the correct career, students are counseled to realize self-assessments, and target goal-settings to reach their ambitions.

Website : http://website.dpsdubai.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-8821848


4. The Millennium School

Description: The Millennium School has the kindergarten, primary and secondary sections, all affiliated to the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The school has been functional since 2000 and is considered one of the best Indian schools in Dubai because of its child-oriented ambiance. Along with the excellent teaching staff, TMS provides various learning methodologies that instill perennial values so that at the end of their secondary education students bloom with versatile abilities. Among the Indian schools in Dubai, TMS is the first boarding school in UAE, from class 3. The self-enhancement program conducted during the afternoon encourages co-curricular activities and sports. ‘Learning’ is not an excruciating journey, as believed in TMS, ‘it is a joyful voyage exploring the mind. ‘One day definitely The millennium school will be the school of the millennium’ is TMS’s dream.

Address: P.O. Box 32446, Al Qusais 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Website : http://www.themillenniumschool-dubai.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-2988567


5. GEMS New Millennium School L.L.C

Description: ‘Good’ rated by KHDA, GEMS New Millennium School L.L.C nurtures young minds from KG1 to the 10th standard. Students from 40 different countries study here experiencing a wide perspective to achieve excellence. GEMS is recognized highly amid the Indian schools of Dubai because it is the only CBSE school in the region with an international perspective. The vision of the school is to focus on personal development along with academic excellence. The rich curriculum of GEMS not only focuses on academic topics but also makes a point that skills involving problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, research, innovation, social awareness, and analysis are cultivated.

Address: Al Khail Road - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Website : http://www.gemsnewmillenniumschool-alkhail.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-4452900


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6. Rajagiri International School

Description: Erasing the primitive ‘chalk and talk’ method of education was Rajagiri International School’s first step. Founded in 2008, RIS caters to students from KG 1 to the 10th standard. The ‘chalk and talk’ method, from the very beginning, was replaced by modern teaching practices by RIS. The prime goal of this school affiliated to the CBSE is to include Indian Curriculum to build future world citizens with Intellectual aptitude, spiritual adulthood, physical as well as mental vivacity, and social recognition to be guardians of love, truth, and justice. There are still numerous schools in the UAE who prefer the ‘blackboard and chalk’ method of teaching and RIS being a pioneer in objecting that and introducing the enlightened method of teaching using technology, makes it one of the best Indian schools in Dubai.

Address: Post Box No.62012. Al Warqaa 1, Dubai, UAE.
Website : http://risdubai.org/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-2800691


7. GEMS Our Own Indian School

Description: ‘The complete learning aptitude’ is the motto of GEMS Our Own Indian School. Taking care of each individual student, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and ultimately grooming them to be self-dependent, liable and socially conscious individuals makes GEM one of the best Indian schools in Dubai. As per the CBSE syllabus, GEMS Our Own Indian School from KG 1 to the 12th Grade emphasizes, on a student’s critical thinking ability, problem-solving skills, collaborative social awareness, cognitive functioning, task designing, and transdisciplinary.

Address: Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Website : http://www.gemsoo-alquoz.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-3391188


8. JSS International School LLC

Description: JSS International School LLC, otherwise known as The JSS Mahavidyapeetha (JSSMVP) is dedicated to developing education and literature along with spreading the message of humanity amongst its students. The motto of the school is ‘Education for all’ which encircles around rural upliftment and health care too. The CBSE based school provides education to students from KG 1 to the 12th grade. The school promises the parents of the students, to mold their children to be responsible and reliable citizens belonging to unique conduct.

Address: P.O.Box - 37232. Plot No. JVC10SCP001, Jumeirah Village Circle (South). Dubai, UAE.
Website : http://jssisdubai.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-2406353


9. Sabari Indian School LLC

Description: Getting an adequate rating from KHDA, Sabari Indian School LLC is probably the only school in Dubai that follows the CBSE curriculum with a touch of the British style of teaching and education. This particular attribute craft SIS marking itself among the Indian schools in Dubai. The cerebral thought-provoking learning atmosphere along with the unyielding collective culture of the school encourages students to achieve their goals. The STEAM lab of the school promotes Lego and robotics to add value. All students have their own iPads.

Address: 30b Street, Al Wuheida Area (Near Century Mall). PO Box 88965. Dubai, UAE.
Website : http://www.sisdubai.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-2505806



Description: Credence High School excels in blending academic and non-academic credentials of a student to prosper in life and maybe that is the reason CHS is appreciated by parents to be one of the best Indian schools in Dubai. The school emphasizes on specific skills children possess rather than their academic abilities. By reaping the inherent talent of a child, the school believes in implanting an acute sense of beliefs and with the virtue of which they gain their reliability and rectitude. The CBSE based KG 1 to 12th standard school encourages students to be citizens of a present and developing society.

Address: P.O. Box 391021. Al Quoz. Dubai, UAE.
Website : https://www.credencehighschool.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-3212144


11. Elite English School

Description: Since 1992 the Elite English School has been gaining its popularity and henceforth can be included in one of the best Indian schools in Dubai, because of its enlightening history in building the foundation of education with innovation. From KG 1 to the 12th standard, following the CBSE curriculum, EES has always promoted their 3 tier technique of building future for the students (child + school + after school). The chosen teachers of this institution concentrate and contribute to society before teaching and their values and morals spread among the students by the virtue of that. The multicultural student-teacher community works hand in hand producing worldwide, self-governing and dedicated citizens.

Address: P.O Box 51212 Near Century Mall, Al Wuheida Road Deira, Dubai.
Website : http://portal.eliteenglishschool.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-2688244


12. Little Flower English school

Description: The CBSE based kindergarten and primary school is definitely one of the best elementary Indian schools in Dubai, as it provides the best education at the foundation levels of children. The kindergarten is presented with a playground and the primary school with an IT lab. ‘Education for one and all’ is the motto of the school and ‘Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth’ is the mind belief of the school. KHDA ranks the school satisfactory.

Address: P.O.Box : 19771, Hor Al Anz. Dubai, United Arab Emirate.
Website : http://www.littleflowerdubai.com/
Emai : [email protected]
Phone : +971-4-2667620


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