UAE Education Sector Needs Smart Revolution

Jun 21, 2018

Dubai has taken many initiatives towards implementing technologies to enhance the standard of living. The city is making progress towards becoming a pioneer smart city. The city, this year has taken a major step and focused on the education sector.

Only 52% of UAE schools have fully integrated technology in classrooms, like the usage of digital chalkboards, cloud services, and tablets.

The ministry of education has developed the education strategy for 2020. This strategy promotes the use of technology in schools, with keeping employability future in mind.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan; has noticed the need for transformation in the educational system.

At the World Government Summit, 2018 he observed that the country needs a new educational system. The new educational system must focus on the future competitiveness and economic requirements.

Change in the education system means addressing challenges for teachers, students, and even the administration. These three are the stakeholders of the educational organizations, and they have expectations and requirements in their lifetime journey in the school.

Education helps students to transform their lives; this engaging education experience will bring changes to a student’s life with the advancement of the institution. Every parent search for a suitable educational organization, that provide proper education and enjoyable experience to the students.

Students nowadays want an education that is correspondent to the digital world, and the learning materials must have multimedia content and these contents must be delivered to them using digital modes.

As the organization generates data, the organization will come under pressure to keep the data secure, the organization will keep the access secured, and the environmental consciousness.  

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