Ways you can Work in Education and Childcare and Still Travel

Mar 25, 2021

Ways you can Work in Education and Childcare and Still Travel

For many, travel is one of the biggest joys in life. Many people enjoy crossing oceans to visit tropical or exotic locations, while others enjoy seeing how their own country varies from state to state and region to region.

The joy of combining travel and work is something that eludes many people though. While a lot of people have successfully found ways to keep traveling while earning an income, many more have failed. Sometimes people fail due to lack of preparation, other times from cultural differences, failure to obtain a work visa, and some because they cannot find the right kind of employment.

Education and childcare may be the answer you are looking for if you have a passion for these areas and travel. Carry on reading for an introduction into how you could combine these areas and visit new regions and countries.

Reasons to work and travel

Before delving deeper into areas of employment you should look at why people want to work while traveling and see if it is for you

Some of the reasons people choose for this lifestyle are:

  • Avoiding the rat race
  • See different countries
  • Explore different cultures
  • Gain new experiences
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet people from different walks of life
  • Choose own working hours
  • Avoid bureaucracy and red tape
  • No dress code
  • No commuting
  • More time for yourself

All of these are good reasons why someone would want to up-sticks and move to South America to write a book, Dubai to teach, or go to Thailand and create a travel blog. The problem is, many people fail. This happens because their expectations are unrealistic, they have a lack of funds, and they didn’t prepare thoroughly enough.

Work and travel successfully

To combine these two areas and be able to create a real living means looking for stable, well-paying work that enables you to live in a country or travel comfortably. Most people who work as digital nomads or take other jobs traveling do not make vast amounts of money.

Two ways that you could work and travel successfully are by entering the childcare and education fields. Below you can see why you should consider these areas of work and what options there are.

Working as a teacher overseas

Teaching is one way that many people have found works for combining a love of travel with credible employment. Teaching allows you to visit and work in dozens of countries so your options are vast. Taking courses and studying to increase your tutoring credentials will help you land lucrative positions in countries such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The positives from teaching include the pleasure of seeing your students grow and learn, meeting other teachers and building a network, and having weekends and holidays to explore your new home.

Salaries for teaching overseas depend on the country you visit with the UAE and middle east paying good salaries, while other countries in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia and Thailand pay considerably less but offer other attractions.

To work as a teacher you would ideally find employment before you travel and a reputable school, say for instance in Dubai, would normally supply accommodation and help you with applying for a work permit.

Working as a travel nanny

If childcare is more preferable to you than standing in a hot VietNam classroom then becoming a travel nanny may be your best choice. Being a travel nanny means that instead of just caring for a family’s child or children at home you will be traveling with them on trips too.

If a family that employs a nanny wants to go on vacation or one of the parents is attending a convention in another city then they may wish for the nanny to accompany them to attend and help with the children. This is a unique way of nannying as you will not only care for and play with the children, you will be able to help them learn about new cultures when you visit other countries and regions.

If you are considering becoming a travel nanny should consider some important details, although you will indeed go on trips and vacations you will still be working. Your responsibilities will include learning about where you are visiting and being able to share that knowledge and educate the family’s children. You will also need to plan and find activities that are fitting for the children's ages.

Plus points for a travel nanny are that you will create a unique bond with your family and visit many places in your country and overseas. You will also have time off from work while traveling just as you would in any job so you can experience places you visit alone and explore.

Online teaching

Many students in countries such as China, Dubai, Spain, and the UAE learn from tutors online, and you could become one. There are many benefits and drawbacks to this type of employment.

Firstly, the advantages include being able to work from anywhere that has good WiFi. This means doing a little research first as you could plan a trip to a wonderful, remote, tropical island only to find out that there is no WiFi. On returning to the mainland you may also find out you have no job anymore as your students left you. Once you have established which places you can work easily in then you are free to roam and teach.

Online teaching pays differently depending on your level of experience, what subject you are teaching, your employer or teaching platform, and how many hours you are willing to work.

There are dozens of English teaching platforms to choose from including Skooli, DaDa, and VIPPKid so getting accepted on one of these is not going to be a problem as long as you are (preferably) a native speaker and present yourself well. The problem lies in these apps, not all being equal. While some may provide you with a steady source of income others have very few students using them. Some pay much better than others too.

Qualifications needed to teach or work in childcare and travel

Of course, not everyone is capable of being successful in these roles. If you wanted to teach abroad then being TEFL certified is a big help and will give you some of the skills needed to tackle a classroom full of young students.

To become a travel nanny most of the qualifications needed are more personal skills rather than academic. Some of the most essential requirements for a travel nanny are the following:

  • A love of travel and of course, children
  • Patience and flexibility
  • Be enthusiastic and energetic - even when jet-lagged
  • Be able to plan activities and entertain the children
  • An ability to think-on-your-feet and be creative
  • Able to travel without motion sickness
  • Preferably qualified in first-aid

Employers in some countries may prefer experience in Montessori and require criminal background checks, and many prefer non-smokers but personality and enthusiasm usually count for much more in this field.


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These are just three different ways that someone could travel and work in childcare and/or education. Online teaching gives you the freedom to roam the world and teach your students thousands of miles away. Teaching in a classroom in Dubai allows you to immerse yourself in a culture and start a teaching career. A travel nanny, however, has maybe the best options as they get to combine both education and childcare, along with travel.

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