What Do Students Have To Gain From Writing Tutoring?

Jul 08, 2021

The free market has brought untold prosperity to the world, raising billions of people from poverty. However, the system also has a few drawbacks.

The latest trends have seen increasing globalization of the economy, as nations seek to maximize trade and increase their GDP.

To this fact, we can add the advent of futuristic information technology, which allows people to communicate instantly from anywhere in the world.

This means that as a fresh graduate, you will compete against people from across the globe. Many jobs have international candidates.

There is an enormous amount of pressure for students to excel in their particular fields. Otherwise, they face obsolescence on the new, world economic stage.

Regardless of your chosen field of activity, rhetoric and persuasive writing will always be helpful. Even if you work in chemistry or carpentry, you will still have to conduct business deals and attract clients.

This article aims to explore one of the ways through which you can boost your chance of success in the business world, namely writing tutoring.

Why writing?

In terms of its function, writing is similar to mathematics. Both are standalone disciplines, yet both form the foundations of other areas of activity.

As mentioned, writing is crucial for the success of most modern careers. It would be wise for a student to prepare ahead of time and take some writing tutoring lessons to prepare for the business world.

Given the broad skillset that the market demands, there should be no shame or reluctance in seeking additional training. Also, the need for writing tutoring applies to both homeschooled students and those who have attended public school.

Especially in the latter case, teachers have to manage dozens of students. Meanwhile fostering writing skills often requires one-on-one instruction.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

A well-rounded education

It is often perceived that writing and language skills are only useful for those pursuing the humanities instead of STEM or business. This perception is false, given that a student who is a good writer will often be a better overall student.

The skills learned via tutoring are almost universally applicable, regardless of your area of expertise. Many essays can earn an underwhelming grade not because the information isn’t valid, but the ideas weren’t appropriately expressed.

A better test-taker

persuasive writing tips

Unfortunately, as a student, nobody is going to take the time to know you personally. For Academia and the business world, your name will be associated with your exams and grades. It is the only benchmark that must be passed during your early career.

Students who receive writing tutoring will become better test-takers. This includes the pivotal and life-defining SAT scores.

So, if you want to maximize your ability to pass any test, tutoring is the way to go.

College and career opportunities

Put yourself in the shoes of a college applications screener. You will have hundreds ( if not thousands) of applications on your desk, all with similar grades and SAT scores. Of course, you are a person with unique abilities, but they do not know that.

For screeners and interviewers, your life is a pile of numbers and statistics. The challenge is to break away from the pack and stand out. For that purpose, the admissions letter is vital.

With that letter, you have one chance to sell your case to your future college or place of employment. Well-written CV-s, cover letters, and application letters can turn around a hopeless case. Now studying or writing an essay is extremely easy, check out studycrumb for more information

Functionally speaking, you are the product, and you must sell yourself well. Think of it as an elevator pitch for your entire life.

Good writers often ace this part and can even get jobs that are above their qualifications. Companies and colleges indeed look for results, but they also look for potential.

Needless to say, writing tutoring will give you an upper hand when applying for college or a job.

Personal life improvements

We all know that one person can capture the attention of an entire room and have every person hanging on each word. The secret is that very few people are born that way.

Even bad ideas or trivialities can gain popularity if they are spoken by someone who can weave words effectively. Still, writing is not speaking. Does one skill transfer to the other, or are they separate?

In essence, humans think using words. The more words you know, the more complex thoughts you can have. Even an intelligent person will see poor results if his/her vocabulary is poor.

Writing tutoring will introduce you to a broader range of words, in addition to allowing you to read “harder” and more “obtuse” reading material. Although the correlation is never 1-1, it can be safely said that good writers are excellent communicators.

Other factors contribute to this skill, such as social anxiety. Yet, you will find it easier to talk and relate to people by becoming a good writer.

A pre-set path

For those curious about how their tutoring will progress, here is a summary:

First, the tutor will start small. He will focus on simple sentence writing. Once you have mastered that aspect, you can safely move on to paragraphs. Finally, when even paragraphs are easy, you will start writing essays.

Do not be intimidated because at every point during this journey; you will feel comfortable. The lessons are designed to have a forgiving learning curve.


Due to our globalizing economies, the rise of information technology, and the use of English as an international language, competition is fierce.

While you still can, take advantage of the opportunity to maximize your skillset as a professional. Writing tutoring will produce excellent results in both your personal and professional life.

You will be more likely to pass interviews, coordinate with subordinates and superiors, and express complex ideas.

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