Why Winter Camps Are Popular

Dec 07, 2016

If you don't like camping in the summer but do love to camp, then winter camps are for you. Many people prefer not to go to the summer camps because of the overcrowded campsites and the rush for doing advance bookings. Winter camps are gradually becoming a preferable choice among the people. Though they are not as popular as the summer camps, winter camp has its own charm and appeal. Many people associate winter camping with snow camping only. But it is not the case. It also refers to camping in cooler weather or in cold regions. Some winter camps offer solitude, away from all the distractions; however, some include various winter activities. You can make it an enrichment program, as the winter camps can teach you a lot about yourself, your skills and adaptability with the surroundings. Here are the reasons of why winter camps are getting popular day by day, as more and more people are going for it.

More Space for Camping

One of the reasons for the popularity of winter camps is the access to more space. In winter the lakes, rivers, and ponds freeze up. So the exploration of more space becomes easier, that also in lesser time. During the summer time you need to go up to reach the other side of the water body; however, in winter camp you can go straight over the hard frozen ice.

A Clearer View

Winter camps offer to the campers a clearer view than any other time. You can see more of the surroundings and far away lands, as the bare trees do not block the view anymore. The unobstructed view of everything g in from you, including the starlit night sky, can offer you the unforgettable pleasures of going to winter camps.

Absolute Silence

Another reason for winter camp’s popularity is that it allows you to enjoy peace, without any kind of distraction. Campers can enjoy the solitude and can also relax in privacy, as there is no crowd like the summer camps.

Pitch Tent Anywhere

You can pitch your tent anywhere you like, as long as you can have the supply of fire woods. There is no need to book any place in advance as there is no crowd. You can select any place, as the campsites remain relatively empty and come a lot cheaper than usual times.

Different Activities

Winter camping offers lots of activities. When the location for the winter camp is some areas with snow, it encourages the campers to go skiing, ice skating etc. Some people also enjoy building snowman and structures with snow. A hiking into the forest trails or through the cold woods is the best activity that one can add as a complement to the winter camps. There are many winter camps that include different workshops which can help in your exam preparation also.

No Insects

Another reason for the popularity of winter camps is that you'll be able to camp bug-free during the winters. There will be no mosquitoes or insects to disturb you.

Enjoy the Nights

There is nothing like enjoying the nights while on winter camps. The days become shorter and the nights go longer during the winter. Winter camps give people plenty of reasons to be awestricken as the starlit view of the night will be something that you have seen never before.

Food and Campfire

Winter camps make it a lot easier to store your food. Unlike summer camps, where one needs to worry about properly storing the foods, winter camps have no headaches as such.  The experience of enjoying a campfire on a winter camp is incomparable to any other.

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