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Unique Training On Effective Writing Skills

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Students at the Secondary level also finds writing tasks difficult. Some don't grasp the purpose, others don't comprehend the structure and language features while some come up with the statement writer's block. In this class, I shall pick up the certain type of writing skill to enable students to, firstly understand the purpose and audience, secondly be familiar with the pattern or structure which the task follows and underlying the minor areas such as punctuation, figurative language, use of connectives and paragraphing.

Topics covered / Highlights

Topic: Newspaper article.

  • Purpose
  • choice of words
  • specific details
  • stuctured/ organized
  • sample

Who can attend this ?

The target audience in general are the students oFIGCSE who will be appearing for the exam or has areas of concern in this particular topic.

While on the other hand, English being a component of all four skills those who are interested to improve their writing skills are also welcome.

Pre requisites

  • The student should be aware that every  writing task and its structure and main body depends on two things:
  • The targeted audience.
  • The purpose.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

Students will be able to use effective writing tools depending on the task to address the audience, they will have clarity to structure their ideas or main points. They will also be able to relate some features from the sample article as apart of their final draft.

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To analyze the current grade and areas of difficulty in the subject. To discuss the reasons and find strategies to improve them. To keep a steady check on the work assigned and its completion. To motivate and encourage for better results.

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