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Handwriting is an important part of education. Beautiful handwriting not only gives more marks but also increases the confidence and concentration level of a student. When the student learns to write legibly they inherit a habit of reading and writing more, thus move towards mastering the language.Here we are introducing 'EVEN WRITING SYSTEM', a permanent solution for beautiful handwriting.

Topics covered / Highlights

  • Individual and joining letters
  • Capital letters
  • Speed writing
  • Sitting posture
  • Holding writing tool
  • Issue analyzation
  • Strategies that can support/help
  • Finding solutions

Who can attend this ?

Anyone from 2nd standard and above. No upper age limit. 

Pre requisites

Everybody wishes to learn penmanship and have a good handwriting. But there are a few prerequisites to attain a good handwriting. The most influencing factor is the Mind and Motor coordination. It is a result of kinesthetic forces from the mind that instructs the hand to write.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

First, we teach them the individual letter and once they are perfect we teach them cursive. We have a unique methodology of joining so that each and every letter is identifiable. By the time they complete the course, they gain a new font.

Also, the classes help in developing:

* Legible writing

* Enhances confidence

* Better focus and motivation

* Better presentation skills

* Enhances Concentration

* Initiates reading and writing

* Increases Self-esteem

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