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Course Details


  • Area : Al Barsha
  • Email:infx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx View Contact
  • Mobile:+97xxxxxxxxxx View Contact
  • Schedule : Flexible
  • Course Fees : AED 1100
  • Duration : 28 Hours
  • Segment : IT Training
  • Subject : C++

This is a self-paced programming course that provides the detailed ideas in C++ programming. Though this course we cover the major topics in C++ which includes data types, expressions, decision branching, and iteration to solve problems. Students can learn to program with C++ through the lectures and the labs exercises. C++ programming material is presented over interactive lectures with weekly quizzes to assess your understanding of the material.  Students will experience hands-on practice writing C++ programs through ten lab challenges.

Students will experience the development cycle by compiling their C++ programs from human-readable source code to machine-readable object code.

What you will learn?

In this course you will be exposed to build programs with C++. It covers all essential concepts like data types, conditions, loops, functions, arrays, object oriented programming concepts and will be an expert in the following features:

Getting started with C++

  • Define the structure of a C ++ program
  • Identify the standard input and output function
  • Using the editor

  Data types, variables and Constants

  • Identify the C ++ character Set
  • Discuss the identifiers and keywords
  • Explain the various data types and qualifiers
  • Identify the C ++ variables

  Operation and Expressions

  • Identify C ++ operators
  • Understand the precedence and order of evaluation
  • Discuss mixed mode expressions and implicit type conversations
  • Identify C++ short hands

  Program Control Statements -1

  • The if statement
  • The if…else statement
  • The if …else if …else statement
  • Simple and compound statements
  • Nested ifs
  • The switch statement

  Program Control Statements -2

  • Identify the interaction constructs
  • The while loop
  • The do … while loop
  • Nested while and do… while loops
  • The for loop
  • Multiple initializations/increments in for loop
  • Nested for loops

    Basic Object – Oriented Concepts

  • The Object- Oriented Approach
  • Drawbacks of Traditional Programming
  • Object – Oriented Programming
  • Discuss basic Object – Oriented Concepts such as
  • Objects
  • Classes
  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism

  Define Member Functions

  • Use the Objects and Member Functions of a class
  • Define Objects
  • Access Member Functions
  • Pass and Return Objects

   Advanced features of C++

  • Use Pointers to objects
  • Define and use Constructors
  • Define and use Destructors
  • Define and use the’’ this’’ pointer
  • Static Data Members
  • Static member Functions
  • Type casting
  • function overloading


  • Describe Single Inheritance
  • Describe Base classes and Derived Class
  • Access Base class members and use pointers in classes
  • Describe types of inheritance
  • Constructors under Multiple Inheritance

 For whom is the course for?

This course is suitable for

  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Those who wants to achieve the knowledge about Programming.


You don’t need any specific knowledge to learn C++, Basic knowledge of computer and basic logic is all you need to get started.

What Will I Learn?

  • Practice your new skills with Creative challenges (solutions included)
  • Organize and structure your code using software patterns like modules
  • Get friendly and fast support in the course Q&A
  • Downloadable lectures, code, and design assets for all projects