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For a given velocity, a projectile has the same range R for two angles of projection if t\(_1\) and t\(_2\) are the times of flight in the two cases then?

  • A

    t\(_1\)t\(_2\) αR\(^2\)

  • B

    t\(_1\)t\(_2\) αR

  • C

    t\(_1\)t\(_2\) α1/R

  • D

    t\(_1\)t\(_2\) α1/R\(^2\)

Posted by: Prakash S. 20 hours ago

Which isomer of hexane has only two different sets of str...

  • A


  • B


  • C


  • D


Posted by: Saif S. 20 hours ago

More stable carbocation is formed during heating of which one of the following compound with conc H\(_2\)SO\(_4\)?

  • A


  • B


  • C


  • D

    CH\(_3\)CH (OH) CH\(_2\)CH\(_3\)

Posted by: Mathew W. 20 hours ago

The structure, which can show the effect of traits brough...

  • A


  • B


  • C


  • D


Posted by: Yash 20 hours ago

Which one is the man made crop Triticale?

  • A

    Wheat and Rye

  • B

    Rice and Barley

  • C

    Maize and Barley

  • D

    Rice and Maize

Posted by: Bassem 2 days ago

The correct sequence of increasing covalent character is ...

  • A

    LiCl< NaC1 < BeCl\(_2\)

  • B

    BeCl\(_2\) < NaCl< LiCl

  • C

    NaCl < LiCl < BeC1\(_2\)

  • D

    BeCl\(_2\) < LiCl < NaCl

Posted by: Nitin 2 days ago

Which one is the cat fish from the following?

  • A

    Catla Catla

  • B

    Wallaga Attu

  • C

    Labeo Rohita

  • D

    Cirrhinus Mrigla

Posted by: Tarek B. 2 days ago

Which one of the following is a disease of poultry?

  • A


  • B

    Ranikhet Disease

  • C

    Pebrine Disesaes

  • D

    Foot and Mouth Disesas.

Posted by: Salma E. 2 days ago

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