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General Manual Accounting Course - Basic


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Accounting is often called the language of business. The basic function of any language is to serve as a means of communication. Accounting also serves this function. This course is an entry level 12-Hour Accounting Program for anyone interested to have the basic knowledge of Accounting. It can also serve as a refresher course to long-time accountants or Accounting graduates.

The Course covers the following topics:

  •  Accounting Introduction
  •  Important Definitions
  •  Accounting Equation
  •  Debit Credit Rules
  •  Journal Entries 
  •  Ledgers (Ledger Types)
  •  Trial Balance
  •  Day Books
  •  Final Account (Trading Profit and Loss Account Balance Sheet)
  •  Bad Debts Depreciation (Straight Line, Reducing Balance Method)
  •  Rectification Errors

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