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HR Administration - Service Delivery Course


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HR Administration - Service Delivery Course is an extremely professionally designed program. Recent industry requirement are kept in mind while the designing of this program. The attendees will be able to gain knowledge on:

  • skills for planning and organizing (time- management techniques) 
  • change management concepts, including terms and factors, resistance to change, and communication techniques 
  • documentation requirements for employees and their employment with management of HR documents (for example, managing files, scheduling for records retention) 
  • role of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) for managing employee information 
  • employment best practices (for example, the best ways to recruit, select, and retain employees) 
  • overview on key organizational policies and procedures 
  • guidance on HR ethics and professional standards 
  • confidentiality and privacy rules that apply to employee records, company data, and individual data
  • tools and methods to analyze business data (for example, spreadsheets and databases) 
  • different ways to classify employees (for example, workers who are full time, part time, temporary, or those who receive payment by the day) 
  • the number of employees in the budget, and the salary and benefit costs for these employees

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