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Good communicators always have an edge. Therefore, the ability to communicate well is is a very important skill. Through our holistic business communication training program, students can learn to communicate effectively in their workplace. Effective Business English Communication skills Training Program is one of our most popular training programs for modern professionals.

Course Contents: Need and purpose for Effective Business English communication skills training

1 - Social InteractionMeeting & Greeting, Engaging conversation and prompting conversation

2 - People’s SkillConversational Techniques

3 - Correspondence/ Telephone Emails, letters and phone calls

4 - MeetingOpening, Middle and Closing

5 - Interview skills & Negotiation

6 - Presentation Skills: Dos and Don’ts , Useful expressions

7 - Around the JobJob description l Job profile

8 - OrganizationTrend Ethics and Culture

9 - Business Etiquettes

10 - Business ConversationSchedules, Plans and Timetables, justifying choices, talking about travel, Certainty/ possibility / Hypothetical

11 - Para Linguistics -Components, Pitch, Intonation, Accent, Tone, Clarity, Pace etc.

12 - Non-verbal communication, Effective Body Language -Posture, Gesture, Facial expression, Eye contact

13 - Business Vocabulary and Usage of phrasal verbs and idioms

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