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Phyton Programming Course

By:Al Manal Training Center

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Course Outline:

Below are few topics that will be taught in our Python programming language Classes in Abu Dhabi. More will be discussed once you join our training sessions.

  • Overview of Python
  • Introduction to Script
  • Applications of Python
  • Characteristics of Python
  • Python Comments
  • Multiline Statements
  • Quotations in Python
  • Spyder Components
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Variables and Constants in Python
  • Multiple Assignment
  • Operators and Operands
  • Python Mathematics
  • String Formatting Operator
  • Data Structures in Python
  • Operator precedence
  • Evaluating Expressions
  • Break, continue statements
  • Learning Python Strings
  • Python Exception Handling

Objectives of Python programming language training in Abu Dhabi:

These are some of the objectives of our Python programming language training:

  • Understand why Python is a valuable scripting language
  • Know the designing and programming of Python applications
  • To learn the utilization of lists, and dictionaries in Python programs
  • Understanding how to recognize Python object types
  • Knowing the utilization of indexing and carving to access information in Python programs
  • To describe Python program structure and constituents
  • Learning how to write loops, functions, pass arguments, and resolution statements in Python
  • Knowing how to create and package Python modules for reuse
  • Understanding reading and writing of files in Python language
  • To learn error handling using exception handling

You will gain a practical understanding of:

  • Python’s supple function procedures
  • Python’s memory model
  • Python’s straight-forward object-oriented characteristics
  • Python’s list conceptions, decorators, generators, perspective managers
  • Python’s arrangement for building and utilizing collections and packages

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