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Microsoft Word Intermediate

1.    Creating Diagrams

  • Creating and Positioning a diagram
  • Using the text pane
  • Inserting shapes into a diagram
  • Promoting and Demoting shapes in diagram
  • Change a diagram’s layout, colours and shapes
  • Use picture diagrams to show photographs

2.    Insert and Modify Charts

  • Insert a chart into a document
  • Customize a chart, and save it as template
  • Plot Excel data in a chart
  • Formatting a chart
  • Changing chart types
  • Adding axis titles and labels

3.    Use other Visual Elements

  • Adding text and graphic watermarks
  • Insert a symbol
  • Building an equation and add it to the equation gallery
  • Draw and manipulate shapes
  • Insert a screen clipping

4.    Organize and Arrange Content

  • Reorganize a document but adjusting its outline
  • Arranging multiple pictures
  • Insert and format nested tables

5.    Creating Documents For Use Outside of Word

  • Save files in different formats
  • Creating and modifying web documents
  • Create and publish blog posts

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