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JAVA Java is an object-oriented programming language with a built-in application programming interface (API) that can handle graphics and user interfaces and that can be used to create applications or applets. Because of its rich set of API's, similar to Macintosh and Windows, and its platform independence, Java can also be thought of as a platform in itself. Java also has standard libraries for doing mathematics. Much of the syntax of Java is the same as C and C++. One major difference is that Java does not have pointers. However, the biggest difference is that you must write object oriented code in Java. Procedural pieces of code can only be embedded in objects. In the following we assume that the reader has some familiarity with a programming language. In particular, some familiarity with the syntax of C/C++ is useful. In Java we distinguish between applications, which are programs that perform the same functions as those written in other programming languages, and applets, which are programs that can be embedded in a Web page and accessed over the Internet. Our initial focus will be on writing applications. When a program is compiled, a byte code is produced that can be read and executed by any platform that can run Java. • Reliability • Secure: • Platform Independent VISUAL BASIC This tutorial is geared to teach individuals who are brand new to Visual Basic 2008 and want to create their first program in the language. The tutorial will cover proper naming styles, transferring information to a label, creating the code to execute the program on a button click, creating shortcuts, commenting, managing the tab order, and exiting an application. Visual Basic (VB) is a very powerful language, that makes creating programs quick and simple. VB has a GUI interface that allows the user to drag and drop tools that they want to use, such as a textbox, or label. A major advantage is that this saves a lot of time, in C++ or other languages you would need to hard code a date-time picker, yet VB provides that for you with customizable options and presents it in a pleasant way. Another great feature is that VB recognizes where you have placed other items and can automatically align your next item with previous ones. C/C++ C is a programming language originally developed for developing the Unix operating system. It is a low-level and powerful language, but it lacks many modern and useful constructs. C++ is a newer language, based on C, that adds many more modern programming language features that make it easier to program than C. Basically, C++ maintains all aspects of the C language, while providing new features to programmers that make it easier to write useful and sophisticated programs. For example, C++ makes it easier to manage memory and adds several features to allow "object-oriented" programming and "generic" programming. Basically, it makes it easier for programmers to stop thinking about the nitty-gritty details of how the machine works and think about the problems they are trying to solve. C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used to create small programs or large applications. It can be used to make CGI scripts or console-only DOS programs. C++ allows you to create programs to do almost anything you need to do We offer: QUALITY TRAINING EXPERIENCED FACULTIES FLEXIBLE TIMINGS FREE COUNSELLING.


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