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Management Skills Training Course

By:Vision Institute

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MANAGEMENT SKILLS 'Management Skills' in VISION trains you to gain the key skills, best practices and behaviors of effective managers-leadership, delegation, motivation, empowerment, communication and vision-as well as powerful techniques for getting the best from people. This course is helpful for managers wishing to broaden and improve their skill sets, those new to management, and those who wish to build their knowledge of contemporary management techniques. It includes, • Apply core management skills, tools and techniques to deliver results • Develop a proactive customer-focused approach • Enhance your leadership abilities by developing emotional intelligence • Communicate with, motivate and empower your team • Delegate work to individuals and teams • Develop a management vision for success CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP 'Customer Relationship' in VISION improves your ability to handle a variety of customer situations and issues is fundamental to providing effective customer service in business-to business relationships; organizations need individuals with the right relationship skills to satisfy these demands. This course is helpful for anyone in a sales or business development who needs to improve existing customer service skills and develop new techniques to enhance the customer experience. It includes, • Enhance existing customer service skills and develop new techniques to improve your customers' experience. • Understand your own impact on customers and identify ways to improve it. • Understand the characteristics of 'The Likeable Organization' and apply them. • Utilize a 'toolkit' that will enable you to build customer relationships. • Measure the importance of CRM for business success. • Identify how effective CRM will improve business performance. Here are the Courses and Packages we Offer: Language Courses: Accounting Packages Computer Courses: Management Courses: Professional Courses: Project Assistance


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