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Mathematics & Science is a fundamental part of human thought and logic. It provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor. In Foundation Courses we help students develop strong conceptual clarity on fundamental concepts of Mathematics and Science that is useful for examinations. Keeping this in view, ZillionPathways has designed an exclusive program •To make sure that solid foundation is built for the students so that they will learn and understand the basic concepts of Mathematics and Science from early stage in a systematic and easy way. •To ensure that the students will develop interest and right attitude towards the subject from the early childhood so that these subjects will become passion and not burden. •To help students think out of the limitations of the schoolbooks and inculcate in them a methodical scientific temperament and develop analytical abilities and academic confidence. •To help students learn through a unique hands-on way, where, they will actually learn the concept through DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits.


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