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CIMA was chartered in 1919 and is the world’s leading body of management accountants, currently with 281,000 students and 106,000 fully qualified members. Because the nature of study is not predominantly focused on taxation of country specifics, it has a global recognition and good employment prospects in US, Europe, Australia, Canada and the Middle East. You can start after your 12 board exams, and with dedication and focus, can complete the program of 16 papers in as early as 18 months. This compared to a traditional western degree, is cost and time efficient. CIMA will give you the right credentials and open ZillionPathways to your future as CIMA holders are found suitable to work not only areas of finance and accounting, but business, operations, risk management, strategy, the list is endless. Exams can be taken in the comfort of your home, so your study doesn’t stop, no matter what. ZillionPathways will provide you with a blended study programme, that combines the benefits of self-paced distant study with the support of a local tutor available 24/7. The initial papers will be taught in-house, to transition the students from a full-time study environment they come from to feeling comfortable to study remotely, with physical tutor support. CIMA makes you future ready!!!


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