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Free Public Speaking Taster Class Sunday 15th November at 7pm

By:The School Of Drama & Communications

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Over the six week period you will work on strengthening and improving the quality and tone of your voice or what we call resonance.  As well as being taught how to use breathing techniques to release your own natural invoice. Through the use of script work, speeches and presentations you will learn how to implement the delivery skills effectively for every type of occasion as well as the nuances that surround each technique.  

We also delve into the physicality of the performance and the “fake it till you make it” concept in more depth.  To the extent you may feel that you are not fully confident when public speaking, we will teach you how to act as if you are, so that,  in fact, you become so.

The course consists of six one hour classes on the same time over a six week period and costs AED 650.  We are holding a free taster class on Sunday 15th November at 7pm. 


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