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This training will help you to understand and explore all MS office suite applications such as MS Word for documents, MS Outlook for mailing, MS Excel for Spreadsheets and MS Powerpoint for presentations. You will gain the confidence and skills to use MS Office to the best of its abilities.


MS Word:

  • Layout Setting
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Formatting Style
  • Hyperlink, Protecting Document
  • Index, Table of Content, Table of figures
  • Using breaks, Tabs, Columns, and Drop Cap
  • Working with Tables
  • Comments, Footnote & Endnote
  • Mail Merge
  • Managing files, about document printing

MS Excel:

  • Managing Tables
  • Find and Replace, Simple Functions
  • Managing Charts, Table Sort, Using Filters
  • Using IF & IF.... AND Function
  • More about functions
  • Subtotal, Custom views
  • Advanced Filters
  • Validation, Pivot Table and Pivot Table Chart
  • Usage of Freeze panes and Split
  • Goal seek, Scenarios
  • Table, Consolidate
  • Outsourcing Data, VLookup
  • Managing multiple documents
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Practice Tables

MS PowerPoint:

  • Creating & Managing Slides
  • Task Pane & Toolbars
  • Formatting and Editing Slides
  • PowerPoint Slide Design
  • Working with a Design template
  • Color and Animation Schemes
  • Slide Transitions Effects
  • Slide Master & Title Master
  • Custom Animations Effects

MS Outlook:

  • Making the Switch to Outlook
  • Get Familiar with the Outlook Calendar
  • What's new in Microsoft Outlook?
  • Setting Appointment, meeting and Tasks
  • Manage Your Information and Create RSS
  • Organize Messages and Automatic Replies

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