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Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education

By:Amarmirgh Education Services

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Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education is a program, which is designed excellently with a proper framework for every stage. This course offers information and skills that are necessary to put into action. It deals with developing different skills such as teamwork, leadership, project management, time management and helps in taking the career to the next level. An early childhood education diploma denotes that a teacher has met a set of standards that shows they understand the best ways to educate young students aged 3 to 8. The ECCE program is for those who want to work in this domain or the one who wants to be a graduate practitioner in early childcare education. The curriculum focuses on growth, development, attitude, knowledge, and necessary skills for treating young children up to six years of age. The aim of the program is to increase awareness regarding childhood care and information regarding healthy food eating habits, sleep patterns, the importance of physical exercise & playful activities, emotional support, and other related areas.


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