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Phase 0: Diagnostic Test for SAT (Analysis Phase) ● To help the student understand the test structure and pattern of questions for the exam. ● To identify the strengths and the areas of improvement for the student. Phase 1: Classroom training + assignments (Content Mastery Phase) ● 22.5 hours of classes for English(Reading & Writing) ● 20 hours of classes for Maths ● 50+ hours of assignments (each assignment will be tracked and monitored regularly during Advisor 1:1 session with student) ● Every class is planned for 2.5 hours(2 hours in 1:1) keeping in mind the duration of the actual SAT ● A Student can attend any classes multiple times if required. Phase 2: Section test plus customized practices (Speed & Accuracy Mastery) ● One test each for Reading, Writing, and Maths will be given on three different days for SAT. ● We shall compare the section test scores from the diagnostic test to find out the level of improvement. ● Once we find out the areas that require more attention, the Advisor will assign customized practices for a specific section/topic. The process will continue till the desired section scores are achieved and accuracy is improved. Phase 3: Full-length Mock Test (Accuracy, Speed & Endurance Mastery) ● The student will plan with the Advisor & decide on the test schedule. ● Every student has access to over 25 Mock Tests for SAT ● Once the test is done, a detailed report analysis shall be mailed to the parents within 24 hours. ● The student analyzes the test in the next meeting. The Analysis includes making an error log for each test which helps him/her quickly revisit all the mistakes


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