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The phonics program we use is: Read Write Inc., which is very popular in the U.K. and is used in some schools here in the U.A.E. It is suitable for ages 4-11 (FS2-Year 6) 

At Little Owls we are incredibly flexible and create a suitable environment tailored to the needs of each individual child. Children are placed in small groups depending on their level in phonics and each gorup is carefully put together depending on a range of factors. For the younger children we try to adapt a more play based approach and incoporate brain breaks within the session. Older children (not all) have the option to work in a more minimalistic focused classroom. Whichever option is suitable for your child he/she will be working in a truly nurturing environment with a teacher who is an expert in raising standards and boosting confidence in young children.

Parents have the option to select extra work to be sent home at no extra cost. If this option is chosen, children can take home weekly reading books which are designed to consolidate the learning that has taken place in our sessions, sometimes spellings and other activities. 

A short assessment is required prior to enrollment to ensure your child is placed in a suitable group. Assessments/visits are free of charge. 


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