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CIA Course in Dubai

You must meet the Four E’s: Education, Ethics, Examination, and Experience—in order to become a certified internal auditor (CIA Course in Dubai). Within a three-year eligibility period, all four requirements must be fulfilled in this order.

Prior to passing the exam requirement, candidates must meet the Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA) requirements for ethics and education. You can finish the experience requirement whenever you want, but many applicants prefer to do so first by passing the CIA test.

Education for CIA Course in Dubai

Having the necessary education is the first requirement for becoming a CIA. Before, a bachelor’s degree was a requirement for all applicants. But as of right now, both candidates with an associate’s degree (or an equivalent) and those with no post-secondary education at all are eligible for certification through the IIA.

The following are typical associate degree equivalents accepted by the IIA: Degree of Higher Education Higher Diploma

To prove that you have a degree recognized by the IIA, you must submit one of the following: your official degree copies university letter confirming degree confirmation letter for degree level from evaluation services

Note: If you are a full-time student (minimum of 12 semester hours or equivalent) in your final year of school, you may enroll in the CIA program and take the CIA exam parts before completing your education requirement. However, you must meet the educational requirement in order to be certified.

Candidates for the CIA are expected to uphold the values and principles articulated in the IIA’s Code of Ethics. Your acceptance is dependent upon your agreement to follow the Code of Ethics. You need the signature of an IIA-certified individual, your supervisor, or your professor on the Character Reference Form to prove that you’re ethically sound.


One of the certification’s most difficult requirements is passing the CIA exam. The CIA exam is broken down into three sections, has hundreds of questions, and takes hours to complete.

Create a profile in The IIA’s Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS), where we handle the application. Apply to the CIA Certification Program using the CCMS. For the exam portion you need to register online. You can contact Pearson VUE to set up your test over the phone or via their website.


The experience requirement, which entails working in internal auditing or its equivalent for a specific number of months, is the last significant requirement you must meet to become a CIA. The IIA makes it clear what kinds of work are okay. The IIA’s Experience Verification Form says that “audit/assessment disciplines, including quality assurance, external auditing, internal control, and compliance.”

To obtain the CIA, you must also fulfill a few additional requirements. These requirements, however, don’t require as much time or work from you.

Identification documentation

You must provide official identification, such as your passport or national identification card, in order for your CIA certification program application to be approved. There can be no expired documents because the IIA only accepts current ones.

This paperwork needs to be scanned and uploaded via the Document Upload Portal in a way that makes the image easily readable.

The confidentiality

The CIA exam is secret, just like many other tests for certification. For the CIA program to let you in, you have to promise to keep the results of the test secret. Before you are allowed to take the exam at your scheduled time, you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

If there are any further instances of exam information disclosure, the student may be disqualified from the program for violating the Code of Ethics. Eligibility Duration

Period of eligibility

Following The IIA’s acceptance of your application to the CIA program, you will have three years to fulfill all of the program’s eligibility requirements. If you don’t become certified within the allotted three years. Your program eligibility will expire, you’ll have to reapply to the program, and you’ll have to retake any exam parts you passed during your previous eligibility period.

Extensions of Eligibility

You can avoid these consequences by asking for more time to become eligible. There are three categories under which an extension may be granted: extreme circumstances, special programs, and exam eligibility.

  • Your exam eligibility window of 180 days and your program eligibility window of 3 years may be congruent.
  • Extensions for the non-hardship programs are only available during the program eligibility period. You need to submit a Program Extension form via CCMS and pay the required $275 USD fee. Your program eligibility window will be extended by 12 months as a result.
  • Your 180-day Exam Authorization Window is extended by another 60 days thanks to the exam eligibility extension. A $100 USD fee and the Exam Registration Extension form must be submitted through CCMS.

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