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Personal Development Program - Vyaktitva

By:Brilliant Minds Centre

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The program aims to properly nurture this potential by developing the child’s leadership values and skills during the formative years. These values and skills are not only vital in his success in school and work but also instrumental in living a fulfilling and happy life. The program is carefully structured with the intent of creating fun classes that will help children within the ages from 8 to 16 of years old develop a positive sense of self, confidence and independence.

Course details:

  • Basic-Level 1
    • Develop Multiple Intelligence
    • Speed Reading
    • Mind Mapping
    • Improve Your Memory & Great Concentration
    • How to Increase Your IQ?
    • How to Communicate Effectively?
    • How to Improve Public Speaking Skills?
    • How to Manage Your Time?
    • How to be a Successful High School Student?
    • How to Elevate your Self Esteem?
  • Intermediate- Level 2
  • Advance – Level 3

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