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Bachelor Of Business Administration Program

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Ever dreamed of becoming a vital part of the management team in an organisation, but never want to hold your dream until you graduated your MBA? Well, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is the best way to start with.

The BBA degree is delivered through Blended Learning by School of Business London and awarded by Charisma University.


- Blended Learning with full-time degree certificate

- Fast track mode ; course duration 6-7 Months

- Graduation Ceremony in the United Kingdom 

- Comprehensive Guidance & Support by Allocated Supervisor

- Option to attend workshops in London

- 99% Success rate

- E-Library containing useful resources for your assignments and dissertation research.

- Webinars

- Virtual Learning Environment Platform provides access to case studies, HD-quality video lectures with lecture notes, assignments, assessments etc

- Affordable Fee with Monthly Instalments

Topics covered / Highlights

  • Organisational Communication
  • Leadership and the Organisation
  • Financial Awareness-Introduction
  • Change Management
  • Business Operations
  • Team Development
  • Impact of changes in Business Environment
  • Decision Making
  • Business Development
  • Business Models in Organisations
  • Customer Management
  • Organisational Risk Management
  • International Marketing
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Strategic Management Analysis
  • Research Methods for Business
  • Undergraduate Dissertation

Who can attend this ?

This programme is designed for applicants who have met the below criteria:-

  • Secondary Education equivalent to three GCSE’s and two A Levels
  • A good command of English
  • Proof of High School Diploma/Certificate or GED

Pre requisites

  • A dedicated tutor for each student to give thorough help throughout the course with the help of our learning platform.
  • Provide formative assessment by tutors to enhance learners' achievement. It ordinarily includes formative feedback.
  • Course materials that incorporate organised and well-structured lecture notes, practical applications with real-world examples, and contextual analyses and the case study that test you to apply the individual’s in-depth knowledge.
  • Assessment materials are open through our web-based learning platform.
  • An inclusive e-library containing prescribed study materials and reference books for online reading.
  • Supervision for all modules.
  • Multiplatform accessibility is the main attraction of our learning platform. SBL also facilitates the option of sending the lecture notes to students’ electronic devices (laptops) which enables them to study when and where necessary.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

BBA degree is designed to deliver students with a strong foundation in business fundamentals and their application in real-world work environments. The degree also advances the student's practical, managerial and communication skills, and business decision-making proficiency. A bachelor’s degree in business administration provides the students with the tools to take on administrative and managerial roles, and they will qualify for vital positions in private, public and non-profit organisations.

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