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Business Studies and Management Training

Course offered by : Miss Noor

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Business Studies and Management IB program is extremely thorough, challenging and balanced to prepare students for success at the university level and in the life beyond. I have been teaching IB Business Studies program since 2007. Over 10 year of experience allows me to train students excellently through the syllabus(SL and HL), past papers, IA or Essay preparation. I, therefore, am offering my services online as well as home to home, one-one lesson.

Topics covered / Highlights

II. Curriculum model overview Component 

Unit 1: Business organization and environment 

1.1 Introduction to business management

 1.2 Types of organizations 

1.3 Organizational objectives 

1.4 Stakeholders 

1.5 External environment 

1.6 Growth and evolution 

1.7 Organizational planning tools 

Unit 2: Human resource management 

2.1 Functions and evolution of human resource management 

2.2 Organizational structure 

2.3 Leadership and management 

2.4 Motivation

 2.5 Organizational (corporate) culture 

2.6 Industrial/employee relations 

Unit 3: Finance and accounts 

3.1 Sources of finance 

3.2 Costs and revenues 

3.3 Break-even analysis 

3.4 Final accounts 

3.5 Profitability and liquidity ratio analysis 

3.6 Efficiency ratio analysis 

3.7 Cash flow 

3.8 Investment appraisal 

3.9 Budgets 

Unit 4: Marketing 

4.1 The role of marketing 

4.2 Marketing planning (including introduction to the four Ps)

 4.3 Sales forecasting 

4.4 Market research

4.5 The four Ps (product, price, promotion, place) 4.6 The extended marketing mix of seven Ps

4.7 International marketing 

4.8 E-commerce 

Unit 5: Operations management 

5.1 The role of operations management 

5.2 Production methods 

5.3 Lean production and quality management 

5.4 Location 

5.5 Production planning 

5.6 Research and development 

5.7 Crisis management and contingency

Who can attend this ?

Students of age 16 to 19 IB SL and HL level.

Pre requisites

IB Diploma Test book, Notebook, Calculator and necessary stationary. Students who have taken Business Studies for the first time and have no prior knowledge of the subject can also contact me for their class. 

What am I going to get from this Class ?

The main aim is to:

  • Learning about business world
  • Helping students to think critically 
  • Enabling student to develop analysis and evaluation skill 
  • Encouraging them to appreciate business importance in regional, national and global context
  • Understanding of environmental , technological and ethical issues
  • Ability to do financial calculations and investment appraisal techniques
  • Skill building of decision making skill in different business issues
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Trainer Profile

Miss Noor

M.Sc Economics.

I have got 10 years teaching experience in Business Studies, Economics and Accounting for IGCSE, IB and American Curriculum. I believe in teaching students with appreciation, patience and understanding. I focus on building their analytical and evaluation skill , ability to answer exam...

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