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Online Training On Electrical Circuits

Course offered by : Sumeyra Kuzu

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In this lesson we will learn about introduction to electricity, circuits, current and resistance.(ohm's Law)

Topics covered / Highlights

  • Resistors in series
  • Resistors in parallel 
  • Resistor circuits
  • Voltmeters & Ammeters
  • Example questions about complex resistor circuits

Who can attend this ?

Who is interested in course can attend

Pre requisites

Needs to know pre algebra

What am I going to get from this Class ?

They can solve circuit problems 

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Trainer Profile

Sumeyra Kuzu

science of physics university degree.

I had been teaching for 3 years in Al Ain. my classes were vary.I taught in IB and American curriculum. And also I had been tutoring (one to one) since I was in university.  I prefer to teach for female students.  

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