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Extensive English Language Course

Course offered by : Sayed Abbas Ali

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Learn English is an online learning class. It helps the students to foster their goals, presented with lots of resources. The students are catalysed with the types of methods stimulated for speaking English language.

Topics covered / Highlights

The course includes Public Speaking, British Accent Pronunciation (BAP) classes, American Accent Pronunciation (AAP) classes. Writing methods and everything related to the aspects of English Language. For the ease of students, classes and teaching question answer shall be videotaped through the system to access and revise the previous chapters of the lesson. This video recording link URL shall be provided. Apart from providing revised video tapes, thorough analysis questions answer papers, "How to" and "How not to" chapter wise review will be provided as well.

Who can attend this ?

Anybody interested in learning English can join and become a part of it. This is an open audience Learn English system.

Pre requisites

Basic knowledge to pronounce words, contruct sentences and communication methods should be satisfactory. This course will undoubtedly have a very respected and honoured degree, and will be a lot more beneficial in the future.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

Pronounciation courses, such as "How to master in speaking like a native British accent" or "How to master in speaking like a native American Accent". This very online system teaches the students how they can pronounce words in the corresponding accent system. 

Apart from all of these Learn English mainly focuses on the students weakness and the strenghts and helps the students to outshine and overcome from the errors and faults in a variety of ways that best avails the students.

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Trainer Profile

Sayed Abbas Ali

University Student

I like teaching and it has always been a passion for me. I do not have have a professional teaching experience so far but I am keen to move ahead with this interest of mine by offering private tuition. I wish to offer tuition in English and Maths to students at Primary level and Secondary level.

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