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How to Effectively handle Group Training

Course offered by : Keith Cortes

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Doing trainings by a group, You shoud always follow: THE ECKO EQUATION

E -nergy 

  • The audience won't give it if you don't bring it.
  • The tone of voice.
  • Your passion for the topic.
  • Keep participants mentally and physically active.
  • Be interested in the audience
  • Positive energy starts with you.


  • You are a subject matter expert.
  • The audience wants you to succeed.
  • The audience and you are in this together.


  • Research the topic
  • Research the audience
  • Respect your own experience


  • Open to your audience
  • Open to different opinions
  • Open to the experience

* Don't be afraid to be open minded your brain isn't going to fall out.

Additional characteristics of a Skilled Presenter:

  • Passionate
  • Interested
  • Observer
  • Composed
  • Exceptional
  • Strong Eye Contact
  • Engaging facial expressions
  • Posture
  • Natural Movement
  • Prepared
  • Asks questions

Eye Contact

  • Look at the audience not over them
  • Use 3 to 5 seconds individual eye contact in small groups
  • Focus on a section for up to 10 seconds in larger groups.

Engaging Facial Expressions:

  • Show some personality
  • Indicator of your own enthusiasm
  • Smile - Helps control the "sweat factor", Make one person smile and others will follow.
  • Looks interested
  • Particularly when listening to participants
  • Show that you are open
  • Do not look "down" upon participants

Posture & Natural Movement

  • Impacts your voice production
  • Displays your level of confidence
  • Sitting encourages discussion
  • Stand to regain control
  • Be as natural as possible- Avoid overthinking.

Spatially Aware

  • Move in closer - To foucs attention, to regain alertness and refocus attention.
  • Move away from the audience
  • Sit or stand.

Vocal Strategies:

  • Pitch
  • Project
  • Pause
  • Punch
  • Pacing
  • Enunciate


  • Use your script
  • Test the seating - can all sea your presentation, will all audience members be able to see you?
  • Practice your movements
  • Practice in the room you will present in
  • Test you equipment & Technology

Asks Questions

  • Pose
  • Pause
  • Person

Topics covered / Highlights

  • The ECKO Equation - Ways to Handle Group Trainings Effectively
  • What are the Characterestics of a Skilled Presenter.

Who can attend this ?

  • College Students
  • Professions taking up Masteral and Doctoral Courses
  • Executive/Leadership Committee
  • Business Professionals
  • Human Resources
  • Skills and Communications Trainer
  • Supervisors and Managers

Pre requisites

  • In-depth knowledge of the specific course or training.
  • Able to handle individual group training.
  • Able to manage or supervise a group of people.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

  • The effectiveness of a Skills Trainer
  • Characteristics of a Trainer
  • Presentation Skills
  • Enhances Trainer's Self Confidence, Growth & Development
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Trainer Profile

Keith Cortes

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

I have a 2 years part time teaching experienced in a school. Subject areas on English language for both speaking and writing. I mainly focused on conversational english with appropriate grammar as well as effective english writing skills.   I also engaged in a 2 years full time...


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