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Exclusive Online Course On Idioms

Course offered by : Rade Bjelan

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Idiom Lessons will expand your knowledge and enable you to understand many different situations and circumstances. Once you master Idioms you will feel more confident when speaking and when you're in a company of native speakers. 

Topics covered / Highlights

Idioms are made of few key words, basically not easy to understand by just checking the dictionary for individual words (of which idioms are comprised). 

Feel free using Idioms and understand others with ease after you master Idioms. 

Who can attend this ?

Anyone willing to expand their knowledge beyond classic vocabulary is welcome to join the class or download the lesson files. 

Pre requisites

Intermediate and Advanced level candidates will benefit the most form these lessons and file downloads.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

The students will learn about various situations and circumstances where Idioms come hand in hand for them to better express your thoughts. 

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Trainer Profile

Rade Bjelan

Ekoman Institute, United Nation English Language Proficiency Certificate

Two years of  (in person) teaching experience - Pavia & Milan (Italy), Four years of ESL teaching - online

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