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Learn Indian And Western Dance

By:Heba Hamdi


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Indian classical dance is an umbrella term for various codified art forms rooted in sacred Hindu musical theatre styles.

Country/western dance, also called Country and Western dance, encompasses many dance forms or styles, which are typically danced to country-western music, and which are stylistically associated with American country and/or western traditions

Each of the mentioned genre of dancing is for beginner to intermediate students except for the oriental dance that can move up to advanced and certified teacher training through my mentor Keti Sharif. 

Topics covered / Highlights

  • Warm up for a few minutes 
  • Dance techniques and practice
  • Free practice
  • Cool down 

Who can attend this ?

Anybody interested in the course can attend 

Pre requisites

No previous background is required but sure a plus if you attended dance classes in the past. 

What am I going to get from this Class ?

Imporoved technique and self confidence 

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I am working on my MA in Applied Linguistics. I am a graduate of both faculty of Arts and Education . I Also completed Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults).

I am an English language teacher with over 10 years of experience. I teach Arabic as I am a native speaker from Egypt. I am also a certified Belly Dance teacher.


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