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Programming with C

Course offered by : Mahmadinayat Abdulgafar Suriya

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This course gives fundamentals of programming language which is useful in developing applications in various fields & gives knowledge of the latest concept of 'C' language. The fundamental concepts of learning a computer programming language have been covered in this course which will enhance their ability to suitably use it in their respective field of applications.

Topics covered / Highlights

1 Programming language concepts

2 Constants, Variables & Data Types

3 Operators & Expressions 

4 Branching and looping

5 Arrays

6 User defined functions

7 Pointers

8 Structures, Unions

9 File Management

Who can attend this ?

Those who want to make their career in programming language (schools and universities students) or want to work as a freelancer for them learning basics of programming is must and that can be learnt by C language only.

Pre requisites

As C is a basic programming language. So there is need of some programming history only, It's actually for beginners.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

  • Write high level & low-level programs
  • Understands concepts of structure.
  • Apply basic programming concepts in relevant
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Trainer Profile

Mahmadinayat Abdulgafar Suriya


I have four years of teaching experience. I have the natural ability to teach students and able to create environment in which students will recognize their innovative skills. My qualification is B.E. in Computer Engineering.

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