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Through this presentation, I have tried to provide a thorough explanation of the process of solving Algebraic Equation with fractions. The ppt also comprises of various unsolved numerical by solving which the students can check their progress.

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    Title: Solving equations WALT: ' Solve equations with fractions Starter: If B-G-G -E E-G=F and A-H represent the numbers from 0 to 7 Find the values of A,B, and H. level 7
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    Solving 2-step equations x +7=21 4
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    Solving 2-step equations x +7=21
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    = 10 х
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    Solving Equations: Solve the following equations — make sure you write down the equation first and show your working. 5y 3x
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    Example 9 Georgina is x years old. Jessica is 4 years younger than Georgina. a Write down, in terms of x, an expression for Jessica's age. Angela is 3 times as old as Jessica. b Work out the ages of Georgina and Jessica if Angela is 27 years old
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    Example 10 The diagram shows a square and a rectangle. The lengths of the edges are given in centimetres. The perimeter of the square is equal to the perimeter of the rectangle. a Write down an equation, in terms of x, using this information. b By solving your equation, work out the area of the square. 4 ABC is an isosceles triangle with AB = AC Angle ABC + 20)0 and angle ACB — (100 a Write down an equation in terms of p, b Find the value of p. c Find the size of angle BAC 2r+5 p)Oi 5 Terry cycles for hour at an average speed of x kilometres per hour. He then cycles fors hour at an average speed of (x + 10) kilometres per hour. He cycles a total distance of 15 kilometres.Work out the value of x.
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    —1 Solve the equation 2 3 5 4

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