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I think there should be no investment from teachers who are just new to this app. but this website really provides a better source for teachers to enhance themselves by providing them better opportunities.

I found this website very useful for students as well as tutors. this is the perfect one i was looking for.

It is a wonderful platform for those who want to work with dedication and interest towards teaching! almost all queries are genuine! i have been a member since 2014! wonderful experience with students and parents!

The platform not only helps me find students efficiently but also offers great tools for scheduling and managing my lessons. the support team is incredibly responsive and helpful. i highly recommend it to every tutor out there!

The platform is user- friendly and useful interface makes it easy to connect with students and their vast database ensures a steady flow of opportunities. i got lot of tuition leads from this website. i am grateful to my private tutor uae. i have seen significant increase in my student base since joining. i really recommend the platform for teachers all over the uae.

Very useful site! i gained new students who continued taking lessons after the school break. tutors, who wants to extend our teaching skills through tutoring students, this website is best for them.

With the help of myprivatetutor, i have been able to acquire tutoring opportunities that i was looking for. this platform is a great way of connecting quality tutors with their students.

I joined myprivatetutor quite recently and it has helped me in securing tutoring jobs successfully. i recommend it to all fellow teachers.

I have no idea that there’s a website like this but i definitely found a lot of students to teach here. so helpful!

A reliable source for tutoring. i was little bit confused and afraid initially because of scams. but now i'm happy with your service. thanks a lot for such a nice platform.

Myprivatetutor is an overall a very good app but it\'d have been even more better if a little amount of points were already given in the account.

I joined myprivatetutor years back and it was an opportunity to get a side job doing what i love most which is tutoring. i love teaching kids and adults and see the information reside in their head and hear them call after an exam saying they did well! i would love if the app would allow us to teach students remotely across the gcc. this would be amazing!

Thanks for this website. its very helpful. but my honest suggestion is, how you guys can attract/add more students to apply here doing training, basically more students are needed your website..

Hello everyone. i have been looking for tutoring for almost one month. when i got familiar with i have to say that this is by far the best website in the field of teaching and learning.

Excellent supportive site where tutors can easily connect with students.

Excellent supportive site to connect people and tutors together and safe platform for all to find the appropriate person.

Easy to use platform where students quickly can be matched with the tutors.

This website is very useful for us. trust worthy website and parents are getting tutor for their students with the help of this website. here tutor who are searching for the tutoring job. the app of the portal is really worthy for us. i got so many tutors through this app after posting my requirement. i really happy to see that how we are ( teachers ) are worthy for the students. i really very thankful for the app.

Good environments for tutors. trusted web for tutor and students along with their parents.

Myprivatetutor is a great website for teachers and students alike. no matter if you need help or want to offer. myprivatetutor will cover for you!

My engineering expertise’s on engineering math’s- calculus, algebra; circuit analysis, electronic devices, digital signals processing, digital and analog communication, microprocessor & embedded system, optical wireless communication, emf engineering, satellite communication and control engineering- which helps my student to have uplifts there real life based application skill like engineering skills in real life usage. and i have successfully made my student (about 25) to be best of their self as a morally intellectual person.

Myprivatetutor is a comprehensive online tutoring platform that connects students with experienced and qualified tutors in various subject areas. the website is really user-friendly interface and straightforward design make it easy for students to find and book a tutor that meets their specific needs. one of the standout features of my private tutor is its vast tutor database, which includes tutors from various backgrounds and specialties. whether your child requires help with math or science, language or music, or anything in between, you\'re bound to find a tutor that fits the bill. hiring a tutor on myprivatetutor is a snap. simply browse the selection of tutors according to your needs, and then book an appointment online or via the mobile app. the website also allows users to leave feedback and ratings for their tutors, which can be useful in selecting the right tutor for your child\'s needs.

Myprivatetutor has been a valuable platform for enhancing my tutoring experience. the platform is easy to use, and the quality of the leads generated has been excellent. i highly recommend it to any private tutor.

Myprivatetutor has helped me to find lovely families/students to teach for long term tuition. i do not need to keep paying a monthly fee and only need to sign up once or twice a year due to long term tutoring jobs. thank you.

As a tutor, myprivatetutor, has given me a great opportunity to find students that matches in my areas of expertise such as maths and language literacy. my students and their parents are very happy of our work and how i effectively teach my students in a very fun and meaningful way.

Myprivatetutor has a very smooth and user-friendly system for both tutors and students. it has been nearly 5 years since i started working with "myprivatetutor". that is a fantastic experience for me; not only with my students but also with my parents we still have a great relationship and connection.

It's been almost a month i am using this website. it's been amazing and i am now tutoring 3 students with the help of this app. as it provides the opportunity to the teachers and also the students which can pick best teachers through this app but i think there is always a room of improvement there should be app for both app store and play store that is the only thing they could update.

This website is very user-friendly and helpful to both teachers and students. thnk you myprivattutor

It is nice to have a platform for teachers and for student also to gain knowledge. the best thing i have found in this application is it just not only connects us to local students but also international so the thing which can be approved is there must be application of this site which should be on appstore so we can easily excess our account.

I have been using myprivatetutor since 2012 and it helped me tremendously not only with extra income but also with growing network, improving skills and confidence! myprivatetutor is really great platform to find a matching student/tutor. it makes sure that the member is given the detailed and necessary information. i highly recommend myprivatetutor whether you are a student, parent or educator.

Very good business model. i like this website.

My experience with private tutor is quite appreciable. happy with your service. will recommend to my friends.

When i heard about myprivatetutor, i didn\'t think it could get me jobs until i started using it. within 2 days, i had gained 5 new students. since then, i have been getting new students every now and then. its great and i love this platform. its so user-friendly and is easy to connect with students. thank you myprivatetutor.

It has helped me to contact students. thank you myprivatetutor.

Back at 2020 had a great platform of online teaching through this website. after a break i\'m willing to work again through this platform.

I think one can objectively state that this is one of the most efficient and reliable platforms for connecting students with teachers and vice versa.

Amazing platform for teachers as well as students. just the need of the hour. 5 star rating

Dear sir / madam, i joined in myprivatetutor in 2017, after i joined in this platform i got call from students for doing assignments as well as for taking classes also. so for me this is a good platform to get good clients and improve your career.

Excellent website. very helpful to find tutoring jobs. it is so user-friendly and secure both for students and educators. myprivatetutor provides a great teaching-learning platform for students and teachers.

It\'s an amazing experience, i got lots of students from here and that really helped me improve my finances. myprivatetutor is doing a great job and helping tutor and students as well by providing them platform. thank you to private tutor and i think its perfect . regards, sanjesh devji

I believe this is a great website to connect teachers and students online. as a new member here i still don't know all the details, but i especially love the points system and how you can redeem points for membership plans. kudos to team myprivatetutor!

I really like and recommend myprivatetutor to others. it is a good way to make new students and teaching that you love.

This platform is really very helpful. for teachers as well as the students. i really enjoyed it and loved it a lot.

Myprivatetutor has helped me to find students in uae and continue my online teaching. operating the site was simple and easy. trust has built due to the real time and genuine information provided by site. keep up the good work! thank you!

Very useful site! however i wish it was more clear/detailed while signing up that you need to pay to even apply for jobs.

This is a great platform for us. teachers, who wants to extend our teaching skills through tutoring students, this website is best for them.

The system is very good. have really enjoyed in joining and will invite many people on board. you need also to market this in all social medias. thanks

Really a good portal for every tutor and student as well.

This platform is very useful. i got lot of tuition leads from this site. i am grateful to myprivatetutor uae.

I was a little concerned first to work with such a huge company rather working on my own, but as i found myprivatetutor, it will be a huge relief that ali can find support from such a great community as a teacher.

My summer break was utilized fully with myprivatetutor. i gained new students who continued taking lessons after the school break.

I am really glad and grateful that i found this site alhamdulilah, its been more than a year now. i am using it to reach potential students and it has given me a chance to prove my teaching skills as well.

Myprivatetutor helps me to connect with valuable clients and build lasting connections.

I am really happy to have a membership on this website. always can get a customers here. i really appreciate your hard work. well done!

It is a very useful website with good arrangement.

Myprivatetutor is a very user-friendly platform. searching for students has never been so easy! but i got students through this platform. i also love the bonus points system - that is quite inspiring.

I have had a pleasant experience using myprivatetutor as a tutor. i have been connected to several students and have been able to structure my own teaching times and methods.

This the so far the best way to connect tutor with students. i love it.

I have come to know about myprivatetutor through my best buddies, who were working on this platform. i heard from my friends that myprivatetutor is more genuine in giving leads to tutors and not only that they pay on time. students and parents are very much satisfied on this platform. today in the competitive and modern world, keeping up such a trust in students and parents is appreciated. thanks for myprivatetutor for making me a part of new world.

I think this is the only platform from where i got some tuition leads.

I have been working with myprivatetutor for a year now and i have always found amazing job opportunities. it is easy to connect to students and you get real leads very quickly! i really recommend the platform for teachers all over the uae.

Very happy with the service. thanks you myprivatetutor.

Myprivatetutor is a good portal for any tutoring jobs. i would definitely start recommending my friends about it.

I am super impressed with the website and its simplicity to use. it is functionally great and i am pleased that i have signed up.

I found this site is very useful for the teachers and students as well. i never seen before like this best website to communicate between students and teachers. i wish to success of your site in every step.

I have received plenty of tutor positions through the website from students of all age groups. well worth the premium subscription.

I have been using myprivatetutor for a year now and it has great opportunities for aspiring tutors and students. the point system is great.

Myprivatetutor is the best portal for any tutoring jobs. the payment system is simple and clear. no hidden fees. no exploitation of the tutors/students.

One of the best tutoring search platforms i have used so far. easy to use, thousands of users, dozens of new jobs daily! it did not take too long for me to find my first student via myprivatetutor. the communication between tutors and students is also quite simple.

The website is good and has improved a lot with the new layout and dashboard.

Mypprivatetutor is one of the best apps that helped me a lot to get students for teaching quran and arabic all over the world and especially in the uae.

I would like to pass on my thanks to everyone at myprivatetutor. it has been a great company to work through. excellent support and wonderfully professional. your team is full of lovely and easy to deal with people who are very prompt with responding to emails, phone calls ensuring that the business runs optimally, which makes it a lot more easier for us as tutors. keep up the good work!

The is very useful and market competitive site for students and freelancer. both the students and freelancer can avail the best services of this site on availing the services. the students are genuine on this site and the payment method of this site is also very easy and comfortable for both parties.

The website is good for all students and teachers to build a strong community.

Myprivatetutor has many reviews and testimonials. the great benefits of the website will be known only after signing in and using it. rewards of credit points are been given shortly. these credit points are very helpful when upgrading membership and buying connects. thank you.

This app is a gold mine of information with regards to education. it is beneficial for both the educators and students. hopefully this could be exclaimed as a best app for tutoring purposes. many latest jobs and requirements are getting posted with proficient tutors and interested students.

Hi, literally this app is doing good and its appreciated for the purpose. making learning easier by finding best tutor needed in different subjects. its beneficial for both the tutors and the students to learn their preferred subjects and language. many new jobs are getting posted in a period of time. moreover, online tutors can also be found all over uae. this makes learning more comfortable for both tutors and students. i hope this website should reach all recruiters for them to access their requirements.

Very nice platform. i will recommend it to my friends.

Very good experience with your service. best of luck myprivatetutor.

Thanks for improving your services. right now the notifications (call back requests) are really getting on time without any delay.

It is very nice to join myprivatetutor as it is the best and genuine site for part-time work. i really appreciate them, all the best to all my friends.

I love the idea that my private tutor has provided us. it’s a great opportunity for both tutors and students to get benefits. i would definitely start recommending my friends to join, once i get my first student. however i am having problems with the credit points. as i sent my video on your whatsapp number but still no response i got from your end.

As a hr professional, i've found mpt a great website to connect students with tutors. i highly recommend mpt to all the teachers and students.

Myprivatetutor helps me to expand my work and get me connected with lot of students all across.

I have been using myprivatetutor for a few years. they are really professional and do what they promise. highly recommend

I am using this app for more than 5 years and it has been excellent in terms of providing information about students who require classes. it is easy to use and very authentic website. it provides detail information about tuition inquiries and help its users to connect with students or institute easily.

I am amazed by the idea of having such a website devoted to help students and tutors to find good options for their requests instead of searching in classified websites and by signing up to this website i was able to find my ways to market my services. i was convinced right away to upgrade my account. i wish everybody the best of luck.

I feel this is a good platform for students who want to pursue their studies. they will get enough support from the teachers. it will not be hard for them to find the right teacher.

Good day! i've started to use myprivatetutor from this year, 2020. it was my first experience with this site. i'm very glad to find new students through this platform. i applied as online arabic teacher in uae. i received a good number of feedbacks from students who want to learn arabic online. i want to see contacts of students.

This is so helpful and interesting website. i am a chinese tutor and i have got actual students from, i am so glad with the great experience.

This site is great. it helps to find a tutor easily. though it costs a little money that is worthy.

I have been using the platform for the last 4 months. i find it easy to navigate and extremely effective when it comes to finding interested students. all requests are up-to-date; it saves time as you can just directly write a message and get in touch with the potential client. what is the best for private tutors - many potential clients are turning into your existing students in a short period. moreover, you can opt for more than one language that you would like to teach. glad to be part of the myprivatetutor family.

I’m new to this website but the process has been so easy this far. i cannot wait to meet my students who are in need of help. i am so excited to teach my students at anytime. i’m willing to help even students with disabilities. i love being interacting with them.

This is an amazing platform for the learner as well as the teachers. thank you so much guys.

Excellent tutor and getting students is easy.

Excellent service for tutors. i will definitely provide five stars.

I have enjoyed while i am using myprivatetutor. i was able to connect with a great students.

Due to this covid 19 its really a great opportunity to find students for online tuition in this platform.thanks again myprivatetutor for giving a wonderful space.

Myprivatetutor helps the tutor and students at the same time. the students can achieve their goals through professional tutors also tutors can improve their skills, and financial stability.

Myprivatetutor is a very nice site which motivate from their support. anyone can get a chance to earn and learn.

Myprivatetutor is an amazing and the best platforms for the tutors as well as for the students.

Hi, i have been using this website for last many years. this site has many students who want classes and i have got many. only problem is so many tutors call at a time so many students parent get irritated and they are unable to choose one. some times since they could not get better tutors, they start suspecting all. this problem has to be tackled. some parents told me that appropriate teachers are not responding instead coaching centres are contacting them more. so they feel that site is loosing it's impact. this has to take care and due to that we are not getting tuitions for long time. in all this is a wonderful site, who gave me lot of opportunities but simultaneously to preserve it properly, is a big task. also graduate students are less putting requirements. all the best and hope site will remain in better way. dr seema upadhye.

Hi, i am joy dhivakar, freelance it trainer living in dubai. i am happy and benefited by your service. thank you so much for the discounts offers.

Really it is appreciable that we can go with online tutoring for new and old students in this scenario. this is helpful for both students and tutors.

As a new member from overseas. i can say that the staff here are very supportive and prompt in responding to queries. additionally, the website is friendly user once you have started exploring it. and the most important of all, this site has been helpful to parents and students not only in uae but the entire gulf region.

Perfect platform to find and get the tuition and tutors around the world. waiting for the online class platform

I am one of the members of since when i was completing my mba in united arab emirates. this platform is really helped me to find tuitions near my location. this platform is really very helpful for both students and tutors, especially in middle east. thank you my private tutor team for your support,

A great help for both the teacher and the students. all information at your finger tips now.

I am a new member of my private tutor team and i really liked the website structure, i believe more interaction from students will enrich the experience of tutors and students. also creating a virtual concept of meeting rooms in which everybody can interact and ask questions online can add significant value to the website offering more structures courses in different subject can also help enrich the website.

The service is very good and helpful for all those teachers who help the needy students who need good teachers to be successful. but one thing which you should improve is to allow the tutors to direct contact with the needy students so they can easily find their jobs. thanks

Superb application for middle east.

This is a great website for tutors and teachers alike. it allows transparency of actual client experience through the review section of each profile which adds credibility to the tutors. this website has given me a solid platform to showcase my profile and generate leads. thank you myprivatetutor!

It was a very well and good experience with myprivatetutor.

Thank you for the site. it is a good website that connects the students with the teachers anywhere. you can learn either online or at home as per your convenience.

Myprivatetutor is the best site to help students who don’t have time or convenience to go to tuitions due to safety issues. it is the best technology by which education may expand through areas where tuitions/ teachers are not available. secondly, it is good for tutors who have interested in teaching can join this site after his/her office hours.

This is a very good platform for tutors and student searching.

I am glad to find this website. my colleagues are highly benefitted because of myprivatetutor platform. i am yet new here and overwhelmed by the connects across the city. thank you so much.

One and only credible tutoring website in uae. i have renewed my profile here 3rd time. highly recommended for their credibility, awareness among students.

A fantastic platform that connects suitable tutors and learners. professional and user-friendly. instant success. i highly recommended joining myprivatetutor today!

This is the right place to get students who genuinely required tutors. as a tutor, i got an opportunity to teach students from different curriculum and grades in dubai through this site. this site is more convenient to interact with students/parents about the exact requirement, preference and location. depends on the feedback we will get more students from this space too. i really thankful to myprivatetutor for giving such growth in terms of number of students and better feedbacks.

This is one of the most powerful apps in the education sector. i like this app.

Thank you myprivatetutor for giving me this platform to share my knowledge with the other student community. i got few queries through myprivatetutor and my experience so far is good. hope to have a long and mutually beneficial association. wish you good luck. wilson

Hi actually i am new arabic teacher her in myprivatetutor but i found it easy to submit, really i like to teach my language for arab and non, i thought 22 years but this is the first time by web.

Myprivatetutor has been an awesome and easy to use tool. getting a job was convenient and i really enjoy teaching these amazing students.

It is a good website that has a good connection between the teacher and the students. also helps each other to get a benefit.

This website is useful for tutor as well as students. i found the tutor for my daughter through this website. we get tutor as per our requirements.

User-friendly web interface and good customer service. really appreciate the efforts.

I am very satisfied with the overall experience of using myprivatetutor. i would definitely recommend it to all those tutors who are starting out. this is a platform where you'll find everything in one place.

This is an amazing website for both students and tutors. unlike paying to newspaper agencies and other ad companies to display your ad, myprivatetutor does it for free. this will come as a relief to the parents. for the tutors, they can contact a tutor ad by spending credit points. i would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a tutor or someone who is finding a tutor job.

From a tutor's perspective, i find this to be an amazing tool to help us find tutor jobs. the different features like students who have viewed your profile, those that requested a callback etc. really makes working with this site a joy.

It is a great site for students to find tutors of a subject very easily. and what's more, it is free. from a students point of view, they can't get a better tool to find tutors online.

Very good website, easy to use, kudos! i feel that the students should specify the age range of the tutors they want, there should be a column for them to choose from and it should be mandatory that they write that they have found their tutors immediately. i applied for some jobs, called the students and later found out that they have found a tutor without them writing that on the site. thanks.

The website is well managed by the admin. it helps to find the tutor jobs who are interested in. when a new job posting has been made, the tutor gets an email notification that matches your requirement. this really helps since you don't have to log in to check new job points.

It is a great site for finding tutors and students. whenever i needed a tutor i always felt free to come here and search for a better tutor and no doubt, i did get. this site provides you with a suitable and qualified teacher. also, it is great for teachers for finding students who need their help. i would love to recommend this site to everyone near me.

My private tutor has been such a great experience, to be able to find students with a legitimate source. i’d definitively recommend it to my colleagues.

I am new here so i dont reckon my feedback would help much. from what i have learned so far, its a great site that enables students and tutors to connect. it simplifies the process of finding tutors. the site also has very strict rules about privacy and never shares the details of students unless someone requests for it. so its extremely secure and will come much relief to the student. as a web designer, i can say that the site is simplistic and easy to navigate through. it is easy to find what you are looking for and i don't think anybody should have trouble with that. one recommendation that i would suggest is that there should be smaller packages available to tutors to buy. not all tutors here are financially stable especially the newly graduated ones. having more options to choose from will help a great deal.

Myprivate tutor is a great website for the tutor as well as students.

A nice platform to connect between the students and the tutors. giving both online and offline teachings for entire syllabus.

Really great platform for tutors even highly useful for students as they can choose the best tutors out of options available. it would be furthermore great if there can a mobile application for united arab emirates, which would give much easy and routine access to our account as currently, we have to login daily to out account from browser. it is nothing but a suggestion. thanks.

Thank you for providing this platform to me and my students. we can find each other with trust and now i have few students in dubai and will continue to subscribe to this service to find more students.

I would like to thank you myprivate tutor for providing a platform for showing and enhancing our skills.

Very useful website. i have been using myprivate tutor for 1 year now. i got most of my students from here. this is the perfect website for anyone looking to make a career in tutoring. their fast services and wide area range enabled me to choose students from my area. the premium fees that i paid were totally worth it as i received more students from here. the developers have done a great job making this website very user-friendly and easy to use.

It is almost over 6 months i have been using myprivatetutor premium membership and i am so happy with the up-to-date system of educators. this website helps you to contact with the students who are looking for a tutor. it would be correct to say that this website has created my life a got a profession easy in an easy way. thank you myprivatetutor.

A great platform that provides vast information to all students in order to complete their education.

I am a private tutor i met amazing opportunities through your platform i got the pleasure to give classes to students from different nationalities. it improved my professional and personal life. keep it up, guys lots of respect selina

Myprivatetutor has been invaluable in securing tuitions. the direct message feature is brilliant. an online portal would be helpful too if at all possible so you can speak to some parents on the website itself? it avoids the whole send me a link to your page on the website request which i have received via whatsapp a number of times. it would be extremely useful if we, as tutors, could see the exact location of the potential customers beforehand. this would inform the tutors whether it would be feasible in approaching this parent. also, it would be incredibly useful in being able to see days and times they are ideally looking for. i have received messages from a few parents who i have been unable to offer sessions for due to the time they have requested. it would have been useful knowing this beforehand many thanks! is the right platform for for tutors as well as students to get the right personnel according to their need. i appreciate the hardwork of the team who have developed this app. thank you

It is one among the best software search engine which easily connects tutor and students even its not that free earned.

The way myprivate tutor protects personal identifiable information is really impressive. it helps building trust with the end users. the website is responsive and easy to use. school students coverage is great! excellent ways for aggregating blogs, presentations and documents from tutors. potential improvements: course, batch and assignment management can be added as value added services. focus on technical training need to be increased apart from school tuition.

This website is a great source for tutors as well as students.

This is very good platform for online tutoring. we can share our valuable knowledge to the students who are looking for a perfect tutor. myprivate tutor provides all the access for an online tutoring such as uploading notes, articles, videos and we get all connections from all over the country through this online website. review systems is helping the tutors to understand the mistakes and moving forward by improving the teaching skills.

Myprivate tutor is very useful website for the tutors as well as students. my article was appreciated and posted on this that encouraged me to write more. thanks irum

Best website to find tutoring posts so easily.

Myprivate tutor website is worth as it is very genuine to find the students! very easy and many students and parents are finding the right tutors from here, so if anyone is capable and result oriented, i am sure he or she will have job as required!

Myprivate tutor website is very famous in the region and getting quality students those are in need to get help! very much encouraging and genuine website! regards, ramesh

Myprivate tutor gave me an amazing opportunity to become an autonomous freelancer. now, i get to select my potential students and be very flexible when it comes to the timings. besides, as soon as i became a member, i started receiving very appealing job opportunities. i recommend this website to anyone who is serious about finding a qualified tutors. the admins verify the certificates and the diplomas in order to make sure the trainers are outstanding.

Great website with a great opportunity to get easy and upto date jobs whether part time or full time.

Very useful platform for both tutors and students and easy to access as well.

Myprivate tutor is the best tutoring site so far and provides opportunity to the students and teachers to interact directly. i have got so many good tutoring positions through this site. thanks to myprivate tutor.

I used myprivatetutor to get tutoring last year. the site is very well structured. it is easy to find and contact the right person. there are plenty of options to suit every budget.

This is nice education portal and best in uae. i like its services.

Brilliant idea to have such a website, a great tool for tutor and students. i'm having an absolutely great experience with my private tutor constantly. the website is smooth and very user-friendly and i always find great leads.

This website help teachers to find the better career opportunities and also to improve the skills by doing there work sitting in their homes, also this thing is very important for the students to enhance their study capabilities because here they can find a teacher for every subject. so best of luck for your website. regards waqas khan

I am amazed by the idea of having such a website devoted to helping students and tutors to find good options for their requests instead of searching in classifieds websites and by signing up to this website i was able to find many ways to market my services and i was convinced right away to upgrade my account. i wish everybody the best of luck.

It's a comprehensive platform for students and tutors to interact with each other any time and from any part of uae. it's also useful for students to find a tutor according to subject specialization. this form is helping me a lot to find students who need help in their studies. i have been using this platform since last 7 years and earned a good amount to meet my day to day expenses. the best thing of this site is; developing and upgrading it on time to time as per requirements of the stake holders and to meet the challenges of diversified students and the tutors in the region with the pace of globe. all the best to admin for keeping track of change.

Hello, i am working as a tutor since last 3 years. through this myprivatetutor website i got good students to teach and i have enhanced my teaching skills. it has helped me a lot to increase my knowledge in various subject. this is very helpful to job seekers to increase their knowledge especially who wants to work in teaching field.

Great. would have loved the option to have a free trial period.

For new users there should be some free access in order to get through it.

I get all tutions from this site. this site is excellent about private tuitions in dubai.

I am using this platform from the last 3 years now almost. i must say it is such a useful website for students and teachers both. it is quick in finding and very authentic. very much satisfied with my private tutor.

Hi, i think this website is an amazing approach to connect students that need assistance with their studies, with qualified and professional tutors. i encourage all students to take advantage of this site in order to achieve their goals to be successful now and in the future.

Your website for me was the answer of what i really wanted to do. very helpful to me as a tutor and to the students. thank you.

I am using this website since many years and very good as it is categorized the requirements in terms of location/fee/type etc, so that we know to whom we are contacting and quality and zenune leads we can see in this website! regards, ramesh reddy

A great platform to extend the tutoring services over a globe.

I love dubai and also i want to work in dubai as online or physical. this is great opportunity for me so i will do my best.

Easy to use and a straight forward application which didn’t take too long.

Easy to use, straight forward application.

Myprivatetutor is the best website for starting your career as a tutor. sharing your knowledge and helping others prosper is always fruitful in shaping you and the child. the website is a bit difficult to adapt to in the beginning but eventually it is the best one to find potential individuals out there who need a bit of support.

I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. this website perfectly matches students with professional tutors, offering a practical and interactive platform. is one of the most trusted website that i have ever experienced in my life. it has helped many tutors to flourish their careers including me. i really appreciate it. thank you :)

Thanks to my private tutor, i am getting everyday contact students and parents request for tutoring. as my goal was not only to earn money but to build a solid reputation. i did not accept all the students offer and i start to work only with students having difficulties and struggling with high-level programs. i got a few ones in the beginning but then they start to recommend me as a good professor. i would suggest to my private tutor to allow in each field (like physics or mathematics) a choice for subfields, like (physics: electronics electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and so on). the tutors can fill them by themselves and this would make my private tutor a better place for students at a high level to profit as well. i uploaded videos in my account and this enhanced my profile. thank you, my private tutor, thank you very much!

Through your website i have met wonderful people and i got more apportunities to meet new students and deal with companies, local organizations, language institutes. thank you and keep it up guys. selina

Hi everyone, i am a private arabic tutor i have been teaching both spoken and written language for many years. it is my hobby to give private classes and help non-arabs to read, write and speak the language. arabic in uae is a bonus for expats who live and work around the emirates, i always recommend them to learn arabic which will automatically reflect on their job, culture, religion, food, government formalities. i helped many many foreigners to improve their career and their communication with locals and arab colleagues and neighbours. i love my job and i feel proud when i get to see how my classes enhanced others lives and relationships.

Myprivatetutor has helped tutors and students both by fulfilling their requirements, providing them with what they need. a really helpful website. thanks to for all the efforts it has been putting in.

I have been on this website for many years and it has proven good track record of providing able tutors to students who are in need.

A great platform to reach out the students over the globe and help them out to better their computer science skills and knowledge by providing skilful tutoring to them.

Myprivatetutor can make a tutor’s life really easy and hassle free. it help's a tutor’s career to flourish as much as possible from the time a person takes the first step to join as a tutor there. they guide the tutors and students at every step and are very regular in their prompts and notifications. it is one of the reliable and trustworthy websites which can flourish a tutor's career and brighten a student's future.

Best app for both tutor and students. very useful.

My private tutor is an awesome website. i am a developer myself. i had this idea but when i searched my private tutor already exists. now i have my plan to develop this website and launch in pakistan. personally, i think for each new tutor you should give 2 or 3 tuitions connects and you should add a section where a tutor can add his lecture in the video so that parents can see his method in the video. thanks

Since the first few days i got many contacts, so many thanks to my private tutor.

Myprivatetutor is very good and professional web which help us to connect with the students and to get their requirements. i am truly benefited from this and i recommend all my friends the same.

I believe that myprivatetutor actually succeeded in spreading the good for both, people who are seeking education and people who are searching for using their skills in teaching.

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You can find here any teacher for any subject. i really like it!

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It is being 11 years with myprivatetutor simply best website for finding students who needs help or need tutors. i have made my career from this website. now almost recognised by many students. have good name due to myprivatetutor team. i would say thank you so much keep on good work.

I find your website a solid interface that promotes efficient communication between students and tutors. your interactive solutions bring students a step closer for achieving remarkable results by selecting the very adequate teacher for their needs.

Myprivatetutor is effective site to find the tutors and students.

Myprivatetutor is very easy to use and gives excellent results.

Myprivatetutor is one of the most creative and innovative website that i have encountered with. got lots of tuition, keep up the good work.

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This website is really useful to get a teaching job. it helps both students and teachers.

Great website. helped me a lot to get student access.

I think this website is a very useful one. whenever i searched for tuitions, this website always helped me to find them. besides, the staff of this website are always quick to respond whenever you ask them for any help. well done!!

I used myprivatetutor. it is a good website. offers excellent connection between tutor and students.

This site is helping me out even to share my educational ppts, notes, etc which are beneficial to the students.

Myprivatetutor has provided opportunities not only for students to search for their desired teachers but also for teachers to be able to get students. it is a very useful website and everyone is mostly able to find their required needs, whether it is a parent looking for a home tutor or searching for an institute. i would appreciate the team of myprivatetutor for making us all connect and for doing a wonderful job. i am always able to find students to teach here.

Myprivatetutor is really helpful to get students and share our knowledge with them. thank you and good job team.

Myprivatetutor serves the best purpose for connecting to the tutors as well as students. also intimates by calls about any special membership offer on time to time basis.

I just joined yesterday and my first impression was that i am really happy that a developer built a website like this to connect teachers and students on a different level. my only suggestion is to have the connection between teachers and students more visual and accessible so the learning would be easier.

It is the best in uae region

Excellent service! would strongly recommend!

I have been a member at myprivatetutor for about 3 years. as a private tutor, i found it safe and easy way to find worthy students. i love the fact that i can look for interested students and contact them directly sometimes it happens in one day the set up the meeting and starting the tuition. thanks for giving us this opportunity and platform under the ceiling of tutoring. all the best.

Myprivatetutor gives you a platform to be able to help students and parents in achieving their educational needs. despite it is for the financial reason that i signed up, myprivatetutor reminds you of the passion of teaching and the wonderful feeling of seeing the learners grow up and perform better.

I never thought that i will be teaching students. when i heard about my private tutor from a friend she was so positive about it and i kept thinking whether i should go for it or no. but when i registered myself for the premium membership the very next step was to look for students. thankfully i never had to take any trouble as i immediately got an email requesting for a student tuition call. i am immensely thankful to my private tutor for giving me such a big platform to connect with my students. it has also helped me to get more contact to through good word of mouth from my students and their parents. i would want my friends also to join and help students to learn better.

This is a very useful website. i got good students. i am completely satisfied with your effort

So far my experience has been great. i signed up and my account was activated straight away. no hassles.

Good service and immediate response.

I have found initiative tutoring career opportunity in uae just because of my private tutor. a very big thanks to them and hopefully will be benefited more in future also.

Hi team, appreciate the valuable service which you render, request you to kindly provide any other payment method from which we can avail your service, looking forward to get 3 month subscription. wanted to know, is there any possibility that we pay through visa card ? please let me know asap. as we are planning to take it initially as a trial, we wanted to get the best offer, if satisfied we would continue the subscription further.

This is a great website. i really appreciate your work. but a little bit flaw in providing service on time. other wise its very good plateform is a very good website & it gives a very reliable & detailed information about students & their requirements it makes the whole experience very comfortable congrts to thanks

This site has been a great platform to find tutoring opportunities. simple but reliable.

Being a professor or a tutor since 5 years it has been a one of the greatest and a wonderful experience to connect to the online support for the tutors in u.a.e. through "my private tutor". this platform has made the interaction and connection very fast, easy and smooth between the parents/students and tutors who both are the most prominent pillars for the future of the world as a whole. for all this efforts credit goes to the "my private tutors". all the best to the entire team and hope to have such services in future also. thanks.

I got one student from this website and i was very happy, it's a professional and well-organized one which helps both students and teachers.

Myprivatetutor has really been a great helping hand for those who want to reach out globally, to every possible nooks and corner, to benefit the people be in academic or profession, willing to learn or better the education, by sharing the quality knowledge and skills already mastered.

Myprivatetutor provided me with the opportunity to contact potential clients and advertise my tutoring experience. it's been a great journey so far...

Myprivatetutor is a very effective website for both tutor & is a kvery good meeting point. many students & parents have connected to me through this website. congrats to myprivatetutor. keep up the good work. chetan palan

It is a very good platform to learn many things and improve knowledge

The framework of the software is user-friendly and price for membership is affordable. quite many parents i know, refer to this website to search for tutors that provide a list of fairly a large number of educated professionals.

A very useful website for both students and tutors. it gives high chance to interact with each other easily. very much recommended for all the users.

My name is richard gill and i am a musician i registered on this website 4 months back and every month i am renewing my subscription because this is very useful and i have got many students from here and earning good money every month i have already suggested this site to a couple of my friends and even they have registered and got many students from all the emirates. so last but not the least it is a wonderful experience and i will keep using this site. thanks.

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This is the best website ever made in the history of tutoring. in my view, myprivatetutor is one of the excellent resources for the teachers and students. this is a remarkable work done by the team of experts. this is a great support for teachers and tutors to get them busy.

The site is good and responsive but please allow tutors connects for a lesser price.

Very good and helpful website.

I have recently joined this site but i can confess that this site is really very beneficial for a tutor for finding a good workplace environment and also for a student to get the qualified tutors.

Myprivatetutor gives us fast service to solve our queries. this website is beneficial to both tutor and students.

Myprivatetutor is an effective and efficient marketplace for sourcing non-formal academics. i and my wife who is a tutor of advanced mathematics have been greatly benefitted from it and imparted education to many students in need.

It is very useful to me. i hope it will soon change my life and help me get a better opportunity.

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If you are in need of students, just search myprivatetutor to get a number of students in your area. everything is so easy and the best thing is we can get students without any hardworking!

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Myprivatetutor is a great opportunity for every professional educator who longs to extend their service to the uae community.

It is very useful website for both students and tutors also the package is good.

This is very good website even we can easily access our earning source and easily find a good student.

An excellent resource for tutors and students. organized and easy to navigate.

This website has provided great opportunities for different kinds of people. i have had personally used it before and so did my friends. it has a positive impact on our lives and the lives of students. it is a great platform to teach beautiful kids and platform for kids to find us here.

Myprivatetutor is very effective and efficient in connecting students with tutors. really a great experience using this website.

This website is so helpful for students, people can learn too much from it. here students ask their questions and many tutors give their answers also students can find a tutor they need.

Myprivatetutor has been an outstanding and useful platform to use in order to connect with the community around me. i feel its ease of access has made it so quick to just be able to log in and quickly glance through the most recent posts. i have recommended this website to all of my friends and they too have nothing but excellent reviews to say about it.

I like how this website gives us a platform to reach out to students who are in need of tutors. a great website indeed!

I love this website because it gives you an opportunity to be able to connect with the right tutor and student.

It is just an awesome site!!! i have just signed up for the site and already loving it!!! it is very useful and user-friendly for all tutors.

I have just signed up for this website and already loving it. it is very useful, user-friendly and engaging for all the tutors.

My journey with my private tutor was a great experience as i got my own identity as the best tutor. it has led me through both light and dark sides, and it is because of those experiences that i have learned about how to work through my character defects and help others do the same.

I am really happy to give a feedback on this wonderful platform. it is helping parents and tutors as well as students to achieve an effective learning.

This is a very important and helpful application. keep it up.

I consider myprivatetutor has brought the knowledge community together by addressing it in a correct way. creating this platform has enabled individuals to fulfil their goals of education and growth and i appreciate the efforts in keeping it going.

Myprivatetutor is helping me help students. it is my go-to for educational help, support and advice for all my students, old and new.

This website is really efficient in connecting tutors to students. i hope they work on online tools for teaching as well.

Its very comfortable. registration absolutely free. from this site, i have already found 4 students! thanks for your job!

I am very much happy with myprivatetutor. amazing things are going on here, it will help you more to work in your own passion with joy.

I like this website too much and because of this website i can share my teaching experience with others and let them know about my experience and qualifications.

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I think i had a great experience with my private tutor. first site where we can easily find the students for teaching and show our teaching capabilities. great site for demonstrating your teaching style and what the great thing is that it is certified. so everybody believes you. it is a great opportunity for earning and learning. i think everybody will be benefitted from it. well done and keep it up.

This website is very useful.

Good website that helps to find tutors and students.

I hope this site will provide a chance for tutors to avail the privilege to see the contacts of students for free even in one day.

This website is truly amazing for tutors and students. a great way of improving educational performance among students.

Love this website. its full of possibilities and opportunities for teachers.

This has been an easy transition into the tutoring world. i am thankful to have the opportunity.

This website is very interesting and useful for both who seeks the tutors and the students. go ahead with your effort and make it more successful.

Myprivatetutor website is number one tutor providers in uae. i am sure there is no another tutor providers in uae like my private tutor website.

Seems very good so far although i got the impression you could make contact with a couple of adverts without having to purchase the premium account.

Excellent and prompt service. keep it up!

I got inquiries around dubai and sharjah and it is very simple and great site to get the students who are serious and need classes. thanks to my private tutor.

This website is really helpfull for tuitors as well as students to find mutually as per their exact requirement. thanks for the team!

I have found it to be a very good and reliable website and an excellent platform for teachers looking to provide tutoring services.

This website is really helpful and it is providing the best service of tutoring.

It is a great platform for tutors and students to get interacted and connected through this one.

Myprivatetutor is a great website for freelance tutors like me. it helped me get tutoring jobs easily. the best thing about it that it can find your students in your locality, so you don't have travelled to another city or faraway town as this a norm in a small country like uae, but this site helped me find jobs in sharjah. also, its charges are also reasonable especially the connects system which works perfectly for a freelancer tutor.

I think the website is easy to navigate through.

I have had a fruitful experience with myprivatetutor so far. i have been able to get private students who have referred me to their friends as well. searching for tutor jobs is easy; i love the fact that i can get updates via email on a daily basis. there's also quick response to questions asked via whatsapp. i love the fact that points can be earned by completing tasks like updating one's profile etc. my private tutor also gives an opportunity for tutor and course promotion which is very good for a teacher. i think special discounts should be given to returning customers as an incentive. perhaps, my private tutor may wish to invest in teacher training or teacher improvement courses for tutors. this will improve the calibre of tutors as well as serve as an appreciation to tutors.

This is a great forum for students and tutors alike. the first of its kind in this region. it bridges the gap between students needs and tutors. i only wish this was available when i was a student!

This is a wonderful website that acts as a platform connecting the students and teachers. greatly benefited.

Myprivatetutor is a wonderful website, indeed. the role this website is playing in promoting the noble cause of imparting education, and helping both the teacher and the taught is highly commendable.

I am hundred percent sure that i can get a job as a tutor because this website response very early and help us with their responses.

Myprivatetutor experience as a tutor is wonderful. i would suggest to start institute in different areas as well.

Just signing up, seems ok. i'm finding the point system a little confusing but hopefully, i'll be able to contact students soon and try out how effective the site is. it certainly looks good and functions well so far.

It is a good way to get the job and i love this website so much.

A very good site for helping the students who have a hard time with their studies. keep up the good work!

A very good website. good for student and teachers. they can easily find a good tutor and teacher can easily earn a good amount.

Very useful app!

This website has really helped me in finding students to teach. the best part is you can find students matching your profiles easily as a variety of students apply for. the charges to maintain your account are also reasonable. apart from this, the point earning system is a bonus in its own.

The site is listed on top of google and has high viewers and posters including all students and tutors listed making it really convenient for students to connect with tutors.

My experience so far has been very rewarding, and considering the option to participate without a monetary initial investment opens the opportunities to a global stage, i believe this project will exponentially grow and am happy to be part of it. the network seems very well developed.

Myprivatetutor is a great website where i have found lots of work.

I have just made my account as a private home tutor. feeling great. gave me the confidence to achieve my goals.

One of the most trusted and safe website.

Myprivatetutor allows you to connect with students that are seeking guidance and assistance with their studies whether it be at a kg or phd level. i have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful students and their families over the past 3 years of being with my private tutor and many of them are still like a part of my own family. i highly recommend that all students regardless of age or educational level make use of the many professional tutors that have membership on this website.

Myprivatetutor is a great platform for those who are interested in tutoring whether full time or part time. very user-friendly and acceptable rates.

It is a great help to get some money and more experience and connect with new peoples and build up the relation between student and teacher. i really thank you, myprivatetutor.

I had a good experience so far.

I have been using since last 5 years for getting in touch with the students from diversified backgrounds. this site helped me a lot in finding the students to teach and fulfil their needs. not only this, i have learned a lot by working on this site, which helped me a lot during difficult times in terms of finance. i also referred many other people to use this site to spend their spare time by using this site to reach the potential students. which helped them a lot in this way also. this site is very good for those, who would like to work virtually as well as tutoring face to face. i would suggest to all the parents and the students to save their time by searching the tutors on this site instead of finding by references or institutions. since it is free for the students to reach a tutor. i would continue working on this site in the future. regards, m. arif

It is really worth appreciation. i found this very responsive.

Myprivatetutor is a wonderful website, which gave the platform to the tutor across the uae. the student can easily find the teacher and the vice versa. most of my students joined me for the singing classes through the myprivatetutor. thanks

This is an amazing platform of getting students inquiries and to interact with parents. i have always got bookings from it right from 2010 since i joined it.

I am new on my private tutor, it is a very good experience. there are many jobs opportunities from all over the world. i don't think there is something better elsewhere. myprivatetutor is the best!

Myprivatetutor is an excellent platform to get students to teach.

Excellent platform for students and tutors. i am very thankful to this platform as it has helped me in finding students according to their subject specialization. indeed earned me a greater revenue by giving more tution opportunities.

I am also a new person at the web page and i have to admit that myprivatetutor helped me a lot to find faster students and recommend me to get more familiar with the company. if you are new you should try it. it will help you to improve your job opportunities.

The website is absolutely ideal for academicians as well as students to find suitable people as per individual requirements. it displays detail information regarding courses and also records each contact with the person which makes everything transparent.

I searched so much and posted a lot of ads to get some students but no one would approach me. one of my friends then told me about this site and then i just started using this site and i got so many contacts and students within a month! i just love it. i am now able to earn so much more and benefit others of my knowledge i just love this site and have had an amazing experience with it.

Myprivatetutor is a trustworthy platform for both tutors as well as students. keep up the good work.

It is an amazing platform for me. providing me with students for the last three years. students can easily approach me through myprivatetutor and i also get there contact details easily.

I got a very good response using mypivatertutor and now i am encouraged more towards this site to get more jobs on the courses i can offer.

Myprivatetutor is really good in finding a part time tutoring job.

Myprivatetutor is a great help for all job seeker teachers anywhere in the world. it gives chance for others to earn even at home. this site helps learners to attain their needs for now and the future.

I found easy to register to the page. it is perfect. the menu is very clear, interactive, intuitive and easy to use.

I enjoy tutoring. i just really enjoy the experience of teaching. this all has been done with the help of myprivatetutor. i am very thankful.

Myprivatetutor helps every teacher who is willing to share their knowledge in english to the learners all over the world.

Myprivatetutor is a great site and really helpful.

Myprivatetutor is a lovely site. i am loving it.

A good and very much reliable place. i am getting a good response. thank you, myprivatetutor.

I love this website found all my tutoring jobs here and it is still incoming.

I got a lot of students. thanks to myrivatetutor and the team. it really is a great website for freelance home tutors and students. thanks once again.

Great website and very useful.

Excellent website, nicely design and easy to understand and work.

It is a nice tutoring experience to handle students from different academic backgrounds and training them in their exams.

This website has the answer to my situation. i want to teach my children at home myself but at the same time, i also need to pay the bills. now i can still work according to the schedule that my students and i have agreed upon without sacrificing my time with family.

It is a good website for those who are seeking job in education field. i got a lot confidence to visit this website and satisfied after this.

It is an easy access for both teachers, students and for their parents to arrange tutors.

Excellent work by myprivatetutor team. thank you, for all the efforts.

Excellent site. it provides access to valuable leads with the chance of making good money.

Myprivatetutor is a great way to connect with students to provide tuition.

One of my friends suggested this page to me. its really very useful. daily i am getting tuition requests.

I found this website interesting and easy to use. you actually get real tuition offers through it! i have found this website very useful for job searchers, teachers as well as for parents and students.this website is a good platform to search teachers and also it provides the opportunity for teachers to search genuine students. the only trusted website for both students and tutors, with all safety, security and privacy.

Myprivatetutor is always my first choice and a very good medium for that extra income for home tutors. i always recommend it for students and tutors.

It is a good site for all professional teachers.

Myprivatetutor is a great site for educators to offer educational services for students of all ages. tutors can use a unique mix of personal experience, knowledge and research to help students become attentive and life-long learners.

I believe that this is the best website for students and tutors, a win-win situation for both. i have started teaching mathematics to students on skype for more than 2 years and met helped me to found students. your procedures are very simple and straight forward(no hidden terms). thanks a lot.

Myprivatetutor is a secure and effective way for both students and tutors to find one another.

The website is very simple and easy to understand. it offers lots of options to find the most suitable person to work with.

I would like to mention that myprivatetutor is an amazing website for students as well as faculties, it has been extremely useful as a tutor to get connected regularly to different types of students. it is well organised and user-friendly.

I came across the website through google. i was looking for a part time job that will benefit others and i share my knowledge and enjoy what i do at the same time. myprivatetutor gives me the opportunity to showcase my talent and knowledge.

I have been to every portal for private tutors there is in uae. this is undoubtedly the best. i have been getting tuition leads in my dedicated subjects and it has helped me a lot.

Really that is a magnificent and efficient website. i would like to thank all the smart people working on that site.

Good site for helping students in their studies. it will help them boost their confidence on the subject and also to their grades.

Myprivatetutor is the best tutoring service provider that i have ever seen.

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Mpt is the best tutoring service. every teacher and every student need to use this service. it is just perfect. it is the best earning source for home tutors. for students, it is the best way to find good and eligible tutors at one place. when it comes for home tutoring i can only trust myprivatetutor.

One of the most trusted sites in providing and helping students in their studies. thumbs up!

The only trusted website for both students and tutors, with all safety, security and privacy.

Best website for student and tutor interaction. loved the concept of bringing students and tutors close.

This website is a good platform to search teachers and also it provides the opportunity for teachers to search genuine students.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity through your website to easily and professionally access to what we look for in the education sector.

Myprivatetutor is a wonderful experience. it is very professional and has a great sense of detail and first-rate customer service. mpt has exceeded my expectations. everything was handled with the highest level of professionalism. i highly recommend this service for both students and tutors. thank you for helping us grow to the next level. mpt is the meeting point of students and tutors.

It is an excellent site & a great opportunity for the students to seek out the wide range of activities to help them to learn. it is accessible and of course easy to find these great choices that they can have just by sitting at home or at their own comfort level.

This website really works because once i registered on this site and immediately i started getting responses from my area itself. my private tutor website is really a blessing for all tutors.

It is a good website. it has helped me a lot by helping me in getting many students and develop my career as a teacher.

Thanks for your great effort. this website has proved to be very useful for me.

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I recently have come across myprivatetutor which is a great platform for online search for finding tutors as well as students. i find this as an opportunity for myself to share my learnings to the students and henceforth enables me to brush up few things from the past.

Myprivatetutor is a great website. it is really helpful for all.

Though i am an electrical engineer by profession, i have a great passion for teaching. this site has really helped me to keep up my passion and not let go of it. it has helped me earn cash for my passion which is simply amazing. i am indeed thankful to this site.

It is my first time visiting the site and i find it totally easy and user friendly. i was able to register in less than the time i expected.

Myprivatetutor has been an amazing platform for me to have access to students who are looking for tutors. i have already got a few students from this website and will continue using this to further enhance my student network.

This website is highly helpful, authentic and at the same time economical.

This website is a great way to explore tutor jobs all over uae.

I have created my profile and i am liking the flow of the website and its approach.

Myprivatetutor has been a great platform from which i have established an excellent student clientele over the past few months.

It is a very helpful website for both students and tutors. myprivatetutor makes life easier. it is easy for a student to find a tutor and for a tutor to find a student.

I am extremely thankful to myprivatetutor for being so helpful and guiding me to get a good number of students and help me grow in my teaching career.

I have found this website very useful for job searchers, teachers as well as for parents and students.

It is a very useful website for teachers and students. wonderful website. i really love it.

This website has really helped me in finding tutorial jobs. thanks to the people who have created this site.

It is one of the best educational websites i have seen and it is useful for both students and tutors! really worth paying membership!!

Myprivatetutor has been a wonderful website to expand my skills as an educator. it is through this website that i am able to build a network with a variety of parents, teachers and students. the website caters specifically to the needs of the teacher as well as students. it is a valuable tool for both the learner as well as the teachers.

Myprivatetutor is a great platform for tutors to upload their portfolio and for students to keep in touch with concerned teachers. it is a platform which is visible and accessible by a large number of people anywhere. i really appreciate the effort.

I have used myprivatetutor. it is a really helpful platform for finding students as well as teachers for concerned subjects.

It is a really useful platform for both students as well as tutors for all classes, categories and segments. it is an effective medium to connect teachers with students and vice versa.

This website is a great exposure for the people who can utilize their talent at the comfort of their homes.

This is such a wonderful initiative. it is been helping students and tutors. parents and students can look for reliable tutors through this website. thanks to the section where you guys ask for identification and education proof it has made it so much safer otherwise you have all kinds of questions about private tutors.thumbs up to the team!

My experience for this website is good. this is an excellent website. we can get good contacts and have a lot of work i admire your work, my private tutors.

From 2014 i am working as a tutor. this website helps me a lot to contact with students.

This website is really is very much helpful to teachers and students. i am happy to be a part of this. thanks for

It is a pleasure to be part of my private tutor.i appreciate the support of your team in helping me find tuition for myself. the user interface is very easy to navigate and the leads are good.

My private tutor is exactly what we have been looking for our micro academy . the student leads and contacts received by us are very genuine and comprehensive. definitely worth the time and money invested by us in this site.

This website is very good,informative and useful.thank you very much to my private tutor.

I got 4 students through my private tutor in one month and i am really happy. this website is very very helpful for teachers n is like a bridge between two needy.

I have taught one ib student earlier exams he got very less marks but by good teaching got rise of 30% in marks and very good rank in overall class.this site is very helpful to all- students and tutors and the service are very good.

Teaching is not my main job but it is my passion. i do it not just for money and i found my private tutor as my best partner in finding right students. thank you

Ever since i have joined this website, i have been able to share my passion of teaching with several dedicated students of different nationalities. it has been a pleasure to help students with their assignments and exams, and just knowing that i can contribute to someone else\'s success brings me great joy. i will forever be grateful to \'myprivatetutor\' for giving me this opportunity, the experience has provided me the opportunity to learn and grow. there are not many ways to improve something that is already functioning so well; however, my only suggestion would be to make the website slightly user-friendly. this can be done with the help of a \'live chat\' with one of tour representatives.

My private tutor website is a good interface between students & also has very good review system for the students to write is fast & efficient.i have been connected to many students through it.

This is a very good platform for students & teachers to connect with each has been very useful to me for connecting with students.due to my private tutor , i am getting connected to students of ib/a level/icse/case & university students for maths & sciences & economics . i have also received about 30 reviews from students . it is a good service , but can be improved a lot further. thanks palan

I requested most of my students/their parents for their feedback through you with their details. however, i learned that only a few of them could be contacted. can you please let me know when the remaining parents/students can be contacted and their feedback may be collected. appreciate your support

It is a very good and easy to use website.thank you very much for my private has been doing the commendable job by providing the best platform for the private source of livelihood. this helps the students, teachers and parents in achieving their targets n becoming successful in their life.

This is a very good website and it helps me a lot to get the tuitions. thank you my private

I have just started navigating through today. it is simple, rich, and easy to use.i am upgrading my account for more exposure, i hope it will help to get me more students.

My private tutor is one of the best e-learning platform for the modern education system. it helps individuals connect with their requirements for teaching and education. connectivity in this modern world is the most important feature for the fast paced life. myprivate tutor has helped me in reaching out to mass audience here in dubai and get myself connected to the outside world. i have been able to contact students, institutes and other educational organization which has been very helpful for me. this is a very useful platform for students, parents and teacher to get together for their common cause. the response through this website has been phenomenal. the price is very reasonable. i would like to thank my private tutor for this opportunity and would like to highly recommend anyone looking for classes, teachers, tutors, learning or any other educational and knowledge sharing requirements. 10 on 10 from my side.

My private tutor is an excellent platform for the students as well as the provides learning opportunities to students by learned professionals who are subject experts. this is a great communication tool that builds positive relationships between student-faculty. i would encourage the team to make use of data analytic. it will improve the teaching and learning experience. it will also help the team to better identify opportunities, keep up with the competition and provide better service to its stakeholders.

This website is very effective and has a wide range of options. thank you, my private tutor.

My private tutor is an outstanding organisation who connect learners with their ideal teachers and facilitate learning for people who could otherwise be excluded. a great idea and well executed - keep up the good work! :)

This has been a very useful site for me to locate student near my area.thank you very much, my private tutor.

My private tutor is the most convenient tutor advertising site that has helped me so far.thank you very much my private

It is difficult to believe that,my private tutor is really more than 5 years old, this website provides an excellent platform to students and tutors. it is very much helpful for the tutors to find students according to subject specialization and students can get suitable tutors at one click.this website is scam free, unlike other websites. thank you very private tutor is a media site developed specifically for the purposes of professional networking, job searching, and personal or commercial branding. this is a free application with the option of having a paid subscription for more features. thanks a lot for your service,it is very useful and helpful.highly recommended.

It is a great website where experienced tutor like me can be contacted by students. thank you very much

I am just a neophyte private tutor. i have just registered now and this site captivates is really helpful and easy to access.there are tons of opportunities where i can render my service as a tutor. reward points also entice me to keep on browsing at the same time helping other people. i have already invited some of my friends.i hope to get lots of students will like my service in the future.

This is my first time i am working on an online platform and that really works. i got my first work right after a day of my joining @

I have met a few students and parents who needed english looks like we have found the best site for connecting to students and tutors all over the city.

This website provides an excellent platform to students and tutors. it is very much helpful for the tutors to find students according to subject specialization and students can get suitable tutors at one click.this website is scam free, unlike other websites. thank you very much.

My private tutor is my luck.this is the true and actual way to the success. i so much thank full to my private tutor

This website is a great way to find students who require tuition. i really enjoy that you can edit and adapt your profile according to new experiences and it is wonderful to be able to request and see references from parents and students alike.

My private tutor gave me a lot of opportunities and options to became a successful tutor.

Thanks a lot for your service,it is very useful and helpful.highly recommended.

This is a good platform for students as well a teacher to interact and get to know the requisites and furthermore prepare accordingly.all the best to the whole team !!

It is a great platform to connect the needy students with great experienced and passion teachers also it is good to utilize the latest technologies .great opportunity to earn the money to enhance the income .thanks to my private

My private tutor is proffisnoal and very usufull for both student and teacher.......thank you.

It is a very authentic website. i searched a lot of sites on the internet but only found this one genuine .thank you, my private tutor .

Very nice website and most authentic and genuine . but it was free before when u apply as a tutor but now it requires a membership fee . it should be free for the tutors .

Around 3 months back i made a profile on my private tutor, this is an amazing website for tutors ,educational institutes and students. through myprivatetutor so many people who have talents can earn. i am a tutor and through this website my tutoring skills have been enhanced. also this a very safe and transparent website for both students and tutors

I am a new user to my private tutor. i have seen many advertisements from students/parents requesting for tuition support. i observed that in many of these requests i find that the student has omitted to say which grade he wants tuition, which syllabus and sometimes not even saying which subject he needs tuition also. as a tutor, i am spending 100 and for seeing the contact details of 5 connections. so without students providing proper information about their requirement may be i am contacting the wrong person for whom i may be unable to take tuition. moreover, i find a request for tutor ads which seem to be still live, but tutor has already been found and again we are loosing out our valuable connects thinking that the student is still on the look out for tutors. for me, i suggest that my private tutor takes these observations into account to avoid wasting valuable time, money and energy of your registered tutors.

This website is the only source to connect students and tutors in uae. such convenience is offered by no other website.

This site is so good. this is very safe website.

This site so good. this is a very safe website. it is one of the best platforms where every tutor can market their talent in helping learners all over the world

It is very easy to find jobs through i receive messages directly from the students. and i can even see their contact numbers on very first minute they post the add. thankyou myprivatetutor team

My private tutor is an excellent platform for tutors and is an awesome experience being registered with my private tutor i have often received great students only through this website.

My private tutor is a great academic web portal. it has a good user interface and it is very easy to use. i find it very useful that i can contact students and students can also contact me. it is also very cost effective.keep up the good work.

My private tutor is one of the amazing educational portals i\'ve seen. the people are so professional.i liked the idea of connecting the students to the tutors in such an organized way. it is empowering both, students to improve their academic standards and tutors to share their knowledge and earn money. they reply quickly to any request and give full support. thank you so much my private tutor team.

This is such an amazing website for extra income seekers.

This is an amazing website for tutors and students. through myprivatetutor so many people who have talents can earn. i am a teacher and through this website my tutoring skills have been enhanced. also this a very safe and transperant website.

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Mpt is a very good platform which provides both students and teachers a chance to easily interact. students/learners or companies can find their desired tutors just by following a few steps. the tutors also have the opportunity to find both full-time and part-time work through mpt. since we are in the age of information technology, both tutors and learners can easily benefit from this lucrative website by rendering their services in a class and online with very reasonable costs.

Since my association with myprivatetutor i have inquiries flowing in. it is one of the best platform where every tutor can market their talent in helping learners all over the world.

My private tutor is a wonderful website for tutoring. it provides very good opportunity for budding tutors. i would like wish all the best to the entire team.

Myprivatetutor is an interesting website and an enriching educational portal. it provides mutual benefit for both tutors as well as students.

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Myprivatetutor is a best platform where both students and tutors gets benefited. hats off to all people who work behind this

Myprivatetutor has a very easy sign up process and a wide variety of jobs available for the right candidate.

I have a profile in myprivatetutor. it is worth to mention that myprivatetutor is the most credible, efficient and user friendly platform among all those over the internet. great achievements and continuous growth guaranteed.

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I really loved the idea of my private tutor, as it gives a great service to both tutors and students. it bridges the gap and is much easier to find a tutor for any listed subject, and it became much easier to get full time or part time job in tutoring. my suggestion is to provide more payment methods, like accepting credit card payment directly or even western union transfers, this will make it much easier to subscribe to the premium (or any other paid) service.

Myprivatetutor website was the one and only of a large number of websites i got some part time work through since i have moved to abu dhabi a few weeks ago. i am so glad i got to find it and subscribe while searching on google. big thank you.

This is a very good website. i got couple of tuition leads from myprivatetutor. this is a genuine website.

This website has been invaluable for me as both as a tutor and a learner. i was connected with an amazing arabic language tutor, whom i thank for my improving language skills. as a tutor, i found the website easy to navigate, and full of potential tutoring opportunities.

So far, my journey with myprivatetutor is great. i am a french and italian online teacher since 2009. i found this website thanks to one of my students from dubai, it was a wonderful suggestion of hers. i've met some really good students here. the suggestion i would like to give is to possibly link the tutor profile with linkedin and facebook. i want to thank myprivatetutor for their help when needed.

My private tutor is an online academic web portal which is a super gateway to success. it opens the path of success for many tutors.

The website is great!

Myprivatetutor is the best connecting link between educators and students. an excellent channel of education giving it a new direction. was the best investment i ever made. it's so easy to use and my profile looked really professional. it has put me in touch with so many students with a super effective and user-friendly interface. i have already recommended to lots of friends looking to tutor across uae.

My private tutor is one of the best academic portal i have ever come across. it multiplied my students contacts and gave me an unmatched service to exceed my current requirement. i have been a member of my private tutor for more than 6 months now, but the benefits i have received are whopping! keep up the good work!

I would like to express my pleasure and gratitude for myprivatetutor. this is a fantastic website which really benefited me. it is a good platform to connect the tutors with the students.

Myprivatetutor is a very useful website for students as well as tutors. it bridges the gap between the two parties.

Myprivatetutor is an amazing website to get in touch with students. the website is extremely user friendly and hassle free.

I had enrolled as a tutor on myprivatetutor as i was curious to find out how effective it is in terms of tutors seeking students and vice versa. according to me it's an excellent site to find your students. to summarize i would strongly recommend any prospective tutor or student to avail the benefits of this website to make their dreams come true.

My private tutor is a great academic web portal. it has a good user interface and it is very easy to use. i find it very useful that i can contact students and students can also contact me. it is also very cost effective considering the amount of potential students you can find on myprivatetutor. it is easy to follow the registration instructions. i also found that it is easy to navigate.

It is really a great website. thank you myprivatetutor team, i got my student groups with minimum efforts. it has helped me enhance my tutoring skills.

Overall, the experience of being a part of myprivatetutor is good. i have been a part of this for over a month now. you would find plenty of tuition leads daily, at first i was a bit cautious and decided to try free for sometime. but now after evaluating it thoroughly i have decided to upgrade my profile and become a premium member. kudos to the team.

My experience with myprivatetutor is very good. i would like to thank the entire team for helping me make a place in academics.

Myprivatetutor is an excellent user-friendly website. it has given good exposure to students all over uae. thoroughly recommend it to all tutors across uae.

My private tutor is a very good medium for connecting tutors with prospective students. the daily email updates are a very helpful way of monitoring new tuition requests that appear on the website, without having to spend time looking through.

Myprivatetutor has helped me find my dream job. it is a very good and impressive effort by the entire team. keep up the good work.

Myprivatetutor is a legitimate website and till now i have received 3 jobs from this website. i am thankful to myprivatetutor for providing me this platform.

Myprivatetutor is an amazing academic web portal. i am extremely happy after finding this website. it is very simple to use and extremely beneficial. i have been using myprivatetutor for some time now, and will continue for as long as i can. thank you team for all the efforts in bringing these amazing features under one platform.

Myprivatetutor is doing a great job. my journey with this website started in 2014 and since then this has become my core strength in acquiring students and getting tuition jobs. previously finding a tuition was a concern, but after registering on myprivatetutor it is extremely easy.

Thank you so much i got tuition now. myprivatetutor is really amazing!

The website is very professional and great for serious tutors.

No doubt the idea of website is genius and helpful, but i suggest there should be free connects at least 2 at beginning so people will come to know how everything works and this starts charging fees from third tuition connect.

I am really benefited by the services provided by myprivatetutor. i found it while searching internet and really found it very useful and organized, helping both students and tutors

I found the service of myprivatetutor very useful & effective. it helps students to find the alternatives at the touch of the finger and also helps the professor to find the right blend of students.

Myprivatetutor is a very good website. it is very helpful for both students as well as teachers. it helps bridge the gap between both the parties and help them meet at a common platform.

Myprivatetutor is a very good website to connect with students and for me, it opened a lot of opportunities to help and earn money at the same time.

Myprivatetutor is a very safe website. i got a couple of students through this website. they also provide students from nearby areas which saves on traveling time.

I am really impressed by the user friendly nature of the website. the design is also quite attractive and navigating through the website is seriously a cake walk.

Myprivatetutor is an amazing website which helps students to get the right teacher and help them attain knowledge. this website has also helped me gain some experience in teaching.

I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by myprivatetutor. this website is very helpful for those who want to earn some extra buck by giving tuition. i would strongly recommend myprivatetutor to my friends and colleagues.

Myprivatetutor is a really valuable web site for teachers as well as parents who are looking for professional tutors.

Myprivatetutor is a great platform for tutors to upload their portfolio which is visible and accessible by a large number of people anywhere.

Myprivatetutor has been an valuable website to bridge the gap between students and tutors. many lives have been enhanced through this service. through this website i was able to teach my students ielts, now they are studying in universities abroad. this website can and does change people's future!

My experience with myprivatetutor has been going good so far. it is a good medium for connecting people who wish to tutor and those who wish to get a tutor.

Myprivatetutor provided me with access to a whole new network of students looking for tuition. it provided me with the opportunity to contact potential clients and advertise my tutoring experience. through this website i received many tuition requests.

I am extremely thankful to myprivatetutor for being so helpful and guiding me to get good number of students and help me grow in my teaching career. i would like to thank myprivatetutor.

I have been using this site since 2012. being a member of this community i really appreciate the people who are looking after this prestigious work. this site really helps to fulfill educational needs of student as well as those people who are looking for part time earning. i really praise the effort with which the team tries to make the whole process happen. i would like to wish the entire team a very prosperous future.

Myprivatetutor have made me more passionate about tutoring. this website has helped me to get students and also continue in this profession.

I have had a positive experience with myprivatetutor. i can control of who i want to contact. in addition the site is set up in a way you can message students which i find very convenient. i have been so satisfied i have started recommending myprivatetutor to my friends.

After reading tons of reviews and evaluating my options, i finally decided to go with myprivatetutor premium subscription which turned out to be one of the best decisions i ever made. it's actually very useful and effective way to get tuition's much conveniently. i would recommend myprivatetutor to every one who would like to accelerate their career in teaching.

Myprivatetutor is an amazing website, it is a place where all educational needs can be fulfilled. student, parents and teacher can collaborate and find a way to succeed.

I tried to seek students through different ways, but myprivatetutor website was the only way to provide me an amazing opportunity to get into uae private tutoring market. i had great experiences with several students, and we did very good work.

Its been a pleasure having credit points.. thank you

Hi... myprivatetutor is a useful website i have ever seen.. because it is not only helpful for the students to acquire knowledge it is also helpful for the tutor.. as a tutor i have experienced that because i am in research about several topics to write a blog. im very much interested with this website.

This website is amazing in terms of getting student leads. i got a lot of leads once i moved to be a pain member and the subscription was paid back within my first lecture. it is a good investment to be a paid member as it can get you authentic and relevant leads.

Excellent platform for students and tutors. very useful to find students according to subject specialization. this form helping me a lot to find students who need help in their studies.

I am amazed by the idea of having such a website devoted to help students and tutors to find good options for their requests instead of searching in classifieds websites and by signing up to this website i was able to find many ways to market my services and i was convinced right away to upgrade my account. i wish everybody the best of luck.

User friendly web interface and good customer service.

They gave authentic information

Very to the point students location

I can pay month by month and for example not pay when i know that i can't work

Direct contacts of the students who requires teaching is available on the website and sent through daily emails

The ease of access to the website and the information.

Punctuality of issuing the subscription information e.g if the fees received , responding to any questions asked by me if even if it is not in my favour .

The tutor jobs are extremely managed properly n the details r too properly givn

Getting the requirement posts update through mail

Easily accessible

I found a job and this site is helpful.

I really do trust this organization. it is really helping me a lot. keep up your good job. thank you.

Your website for me was the answer of what i really wanted to do. very helpful to me as a tutor and to the students. thank you.

I have found a job and the site has amazing features and it is very reliable keep up the good work

I found a perfect tutor job using this website.

Your service is useful. i can get students by my contacts.

That was extremely efficient and i see you have a very good model for the development of your company and for making swift and effective progress. i am proud to be a customer.

I am thanking you a lot as a trusted & safe website :) best of luck guys

Thanks for your effort

I have found tutoring positions through my private tutor and am already fully booked. will reactivate when i need new tutoring positions

The site is good for the students. it helped me a lot.

Good afternoon sir. thank you for conducting your maths class ,it was very useful and as for me i have understood everything you have taught me. i enjoyed the class as well and learnt new lessons and topics. this class has helped me have an advantage on the classes i take at school and helps me understand more on what lesson i am taking at school.

Dear team thanks a lot for all the help. i got some good profiles. :) best regards kamal singh

Very good website. i got lots of help from here. the website helped me to find a good tutor. thanks, myprivatetutor.

Thank you very much. i have registered my son with a tutor. thank you again.

It has helped me to get good teacher. very good website, keep up the good work.

I am very satisfied with the service of myprivatetutor. it has helped me a lot. lots of good wishes. best regards.

Myprivatetutor is a great website. it has really helped me to find good tutors. thanks a lot.

I have found my tutor very quickly. many thanks myprivatetutor for your prompt services.

It is a wonderful site for finding tutors. i could successfully find a tutor of my choice. thanks my private tutor.

I got a very good tutor from myprivatetutor. this is the best website to connect with qualified tutors.

I have received a very good tutor from i am greatly satisfied by the service provided by this website.

The website is very good. i found a tutor from here. thanks!

Myprivatetutor is very good website and i have benefited quite a lot from it. thank you for the opportunity of letting me be a part of it.

This website is good & i like it as it responded very nicely.

Thank you very much for your response and helping us to find a suitable teacher for my wife.

We had a very good experience with chetan, when he helped my son with ap chemistry. he is meticulous and ensures that his students master the concepts well. while he is a very dedicated teacher, he is also willing to put in the hard work of understanding the specific needs of his students, and work with them to help achieve their goals. we cannot recommend him highly enough.

Thank you. we have secured tutoring through carfax tutoring services and are very happy with their support. i got some great response from the posting. thank you for your support.

I already had many people calling. need to meet up with some of them first. really efficient website

Thank you yes we have found and started using an arabic tutor named layla from syria. she contacted me by text message after i posted the advertisement on your site. we have only had one lesson and i am very happy. thank you.

Yes, i have found a tutor and your site was immensely helpful in getting me exactly what i wanted. i, sincerely, thank all the members of your team and really appreciate the work you all are doing to help parents find suitable fit for their children. thanks again.

I found a tutor, and all the time i receive phone calls. thank you, this web site helps me a lot.

I found my tutor. thank you for your good service.

I found my tutor from this web site! what a grate web site i think. thank you so much.

I would like to tell u that my experience using your services has been quite positive and i will definitely get in touch in the future.

I already found my tutor thanks for making life easier with this website.

This site is very helpful :)

I found a tutor through your website. thank you!

I like the website. very helpful to find whatever do i need.

I have found a tutor. the website is really good and has helped me a lot

I have found my tutor. thank you for the service!

The website's features are great and the services are prompt and friendly. thanks!

I has been my pleasure using your convenient site looking for home tutor. we have already found a home tutor for my boss son. thank you for receiving good reply from tutors and answering my queries on time. wishing "my private tutor" more years in dedicating service to people in need of teachers.

I've got all the information i needed ! thank you very much for your help! this website is brilliant!, will definitely used this website in the future!, thank again!,, :-)

Thanks a lot for your concern, actually your web was a great help for me. so far i have found chemistry teacher, our experience is good .. still looking for physics teacher so if you can help i that, i will really appreciate

The website is great. the service is great!

The response was too good. appreciate your good work. i have found the tutor

Dear my private tutor team - thank you so much for your help to find a tutor for me. this website is very useful.

The features of the website are really of great help and provide all the necessary information required.

I found my required tutors. the site was quite helpful, thank you.

Yes i did get the tutor i was looking for from your website. thanks! ure extremely helpful. his name is mr binny, and i think he's very good! thanks again for ur help.

I found a tutor! thank u!

Myprivatetutor is very user friendly and a tutor can find students very easily. we get most of the information and requirements of students in first glance. the membership is really worth.

Big thanks to myprivatetutor from jaraso education institute. the services of mpt are very user friendly and is of great help to connect to end users. got some opportunities to connect to international students. jaraso education institute - dubai

The experience with myprivatetutor is great. its very user friendly and a tutor can find students very easily. we get most of the information and requirements of students in first glance. the membership is really worth.

We had been using my private tutor since 2012, an efficient platform with good opportunities for learning new skills at the cheapest cost.

A beautiful and distinguished site. offering professional services. thanks to the owners of this site.

Great website and has helped me a lot.

Myprivatetutor is an amazing website.

The website is good and easy to operate.

This is a great site for institutes and tutors!

My experience with myprivatetutor has been great. it is a very user-friendly website and helps the tutor to get tuition easily. i feel that the premium membership i got is of great value for my money.



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