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01.Who can participate in MyPrivateTutor's Courses platform?

You! Our Courses platform is open to any individual teacher or trainer as well as to training institutes and corporates.

02.What kind of courses can I sell?

Unlike other platforms, we support both local and online courses as well as e-learning products. You can sell:
  • Live Instructor-Led Online Classes
  • Self-paced Video Courses
  • Local classes and workshops
  • DVDs, E-books, E-learning software
  • Mock Tests, Problem Sheets, Class Notes etc.

03.How will MyPrivateTutor promote my course?

Students will pay for the course in full via Credit Card, Bank Transfer or COD. The funds will be held in escrow account by MyPrivateTutor. Once the agreed course milestones such as a deadline, or a fixed number of lessons have been completed the funds will be released to you, minus any fees charged by MyPrivateTutor.

04. How can I create on-demand video courses?

We expect our trainers to be very proficient in creating and producing their study materials in digital format. This covers all regular formats like Word Docs, Excel Sheets, PPT Slides, Graphical Presentations, Screen Capturing Videos etc. We will provide LMS (Learning Management System) to host all your Tutorial Documents but unfortunately can't help you create them in digital format.

05.What are the fees charged by MyPrivateTutor for selling my courses?

Transaction Fees: 5% of Course Fee.
  • For students that you bring to your course through your own marketing efforts, 0% commission
  • For students that we bring to your course through our marketing efforts, 20% commission.

06. How will MyPrivateTutor promote my courses?

Everyday we have thousands of students visiting our website looking for courses and instructors. We will feature courses on our home page and also make it easy for students to search and find courses. In addition, we will market your courses externally on our email newsletters as well as social media sites.

07. I have my Tutorials loaded on another website or LMS. Can I sell it here?

Yes, absolutely. We just need your course and curriculum details to be posted in our website.

08. Do I need to provide support to students after they purchase my course or tutorial?

Once any student purchases your tutorial it is expected that they will get their queries answered by the respective trainers within a stipulated time period either by email or other form. Trainer should mention how long their support service will be available after purchasing the course and in what format. Timely response increase chances of getting more positive reviews hence, more referrals and more purchases.