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Fahad (UAT 10573)

Male, 29 years Years / (UAT 10573)

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(14 reviews)

Dubai, Shajah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman
Masters in Accounting & Finance, ACCA - UK
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Masters in Accounting & Finance, ACCA - UK
  • Teacher with 10 years of successful one on one and group teaching experience of Accounting, Finance, Management, Business Studies and Economics.
  • In UAE taught students from AUD, AUS, Canadian, Zayed University etc. including all Arab and Non-Arab students.
  • Helped students in completing their individual or group projects and assignments and successfully helped those getting excellent marks in it.
  • One of my best achievements is that many students are approaching me through references by the current or old students who have successfully completed their courses.
I Can Manage Both

Through personalized and focused teaching processes, where my personal success means student enters into the exam with full grip and coverage of course along with enough practice and concept building to handle exam in a best way.

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College Level
College Level:
Mathematics, Finance, Business, Accounting
High School
High School:
Maths, Business Studies, Accounts
Business Training
Business Training:
Finance: Corporate, Business Studies, Bookkeeping, Accountancy: Management
Mathematics, Finance, Economics, Accounting


Dubai, Shajah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman

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Hessa Almaazmi

I am from Al Ghurair University Dubai, I did not perform well in my Management accounting course. I repeat in Summer course and did my exam in August 2018 after 5 days study with Mr Fahad. I have done best in the exam and hoping to get very good marks. He is an excellent instructor who helped me in a very short time.


He is helping me doing different projects given by universities in Saudi, project feedbacks are great. He is the very talented person, I will highly recommend him.

Ahmad From Aus

I am from Americal University to Sharjah, found Mr. Fahad 2 days before the exam and he gave me perfect techniques to pass my exam for advanced financial management. Allhamdullilah I am graduate now. Highly recommended.


Mr. Fahad is the best tutor in Dubai, his way of teaching is excellent and very calm person, he did not let me feel shy for asking questions and very helpful person.


Sir Fahad is an amazing teacher who keeps things simple and to the point.His dedication and professionalism is really commendable. He made Stats really simple for me and in a relatively few classes i was completed with my course. Highly recommended


Simple, disciplined and very helpful person.


Dr. Fjad is really wonderful and an excellent professor makes all subjects easy to understand. Even two days before the exam he was able to help me in half-term tests with good marks. It is very lifelong and quiet which makes me understand and ask easily.

Abdullah Al Ahli

My name is Abdullah Al Ahly, a student at Zayed University in Dubai. I found Mr. Fahad in October 2016 and found him very calm and patient, as well as his deep knowledge, he also explains things deeply and that was very understandable, he also has a variety of knowledge in business subjects, studied with him then financing the economy and scored very good marks in a short period Midterm, I feel confident to secure good marks for the BSc.

Emma Van De Kreke

I hired Mr. Fahad Malik for the preparation of my final Math exam. I was struggling the whole year with Math and had almost no chance of passing, but Fahad had something else in mind after a month of hard work I had learned everything and passed my exam with flying colours. I was greatly helped by him.


I hired Mr. Fahad for preparing for my Financial Accounting and Reporting exam for CPA Australia. He was a great help and I passed the exam that was hard for me.

Dunya Manhal

Dunya Manhal from DIFC studied in University of Wollongong graduated in last month in July 2016 with the help of Mr. Fahad, I was desperately needed someone who can help me in passing my Management Accounting and Corporate Law exam, I tried many tutor on the site but couldn't passed and asked website to give recommendation after which I hired Mr. Fahad just 2 days before exam and studied for 4 to 5 hours which turned out to be very good decision for me and I graduated this year, thank you Mr. Malik you are doing a good job.

Rim Abdel Kerim

Graduating from American University of Sharjah, hired Mr. Malik for my mid term in November 2015 through one of my friend's reference who recommended him for accounts and finance as she took classes from him and got very good marks in her finals, same like her my experience gone very good as well because i also got very good grades in midterm as well as took classes again in December now appearing in finals with strong concepts and lot of practice.


We hired Mr. Fahad Malik for the preparation of our final exams in December 2015. Through the classes we got more confidence with the course syllabus we had and understanding how to apply the concept of IAS. I'd recommend anyone who needs deep concepts of accounting and needs to be more confident before exam. Mr Fahad gives clear explanation plus realistic examples to understand the cases and standards easily.


He was the only one that made me understand accounting really well and had made me pass all my exams well so far. He also helped me in my accounting assignment which I was struggling with for a very long time. He was the only one that helped me to complete a detailed theory and complete formula based assignment. Frankly speaking the technique and approach that he uses in teaching is very good that there is no reason for anybody not to be able to pass their exams or assignments. I am very satisfied with him and I personally recommend him to those that are struggling with accounting and finance related subjects.


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